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The Sooner You Accept This One Fact, The Better You Will Feel and the Healthier You Will Be

Stew smith

You Will Be Older Longer Than You Are Younger 

Seems like a blink that I was on this field doing my first workouts as a Plebe at USNA. (now almost 40 yrs ago)

Hey, OGs, who needs to get back on the fitness wagon? It's time to face the truth: you will be older longer than you were younger. But don't let that discourage you! It should motivate you to take control of your health and wellness NOW as you navigate this new phase of your life, or soon-to-be life - if you are lucky.

I made this realization in my 40s and developed my Mobility Day and it has been life-changing ever since - no kidding! After a lifetime of athletics, fitness training, powerlifting, special ops / military career, and all the bumps and bruises that come with all of the above, I feel no pain now at 55 years old even though I am still running, lifting, doing high-rep calisthenics, and swimming six days a week. Actively pursuing recovery efforts, flexibility, and mobility training has made all the difference. All of my latest programs now include such programming. 

Even young athletes are buying in as they may not care about longevity yet, but they do care about optimal performance and better hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder mobility to be better at swimming, treading, and other pool skills. I think it is time for us older folks to embrace the truth.

If you've been feeling a bit sluggish and out of shape lately, it's time to get moving again. Staying active and fit is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle as you age. But where do you start? 

Assess yourself: Get a Physical, Bloodwork, and Take a Fitness Test - First, assess your current level of physical activity. Are you getting enough exercise each week? It's recommended that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity per week. If you're not meeting these guidelines, it's time to change. Here is the deal: if you're not assessing, you're only guessing. It's essential to take a realistic look at your current health and fitness level and then develop a plan to improve it.

Do you need to clean up your diet? Here's how to make the necessary adjustments. Assess your diet. Are you fueling your body with nutritious food or using processed and unhealthy options? A healthy diet is crucial for overall wellness, so look at your eating habits and make necessary adjustments. Here is a great bit of information from Nutritionist Nick Barringer (PhD):

Setting realistic fitness goals: The first step to improving your health at 40 - Once you've assessed your current habits and behaviors, it's time to plan to get back on track. Start by setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself. Whether committing to regular workouts, cleaning up your diet, sleeping better each night, or all three, having a clear plan will help you stay accountable and motivated. My advice is to start walking if you do not currently. Make a goal for a certain number of steps each day (5000-10000 a day?).  From here fitness becomes a journey...never a destination. Keep evolving and trying new things as you get stronger and more conditioned. 

But don't worry about whether you're on the right path. You're doing something right as long as you move toward better than you were yesterday. Remember, progress is progress, no matter how small.

Invest in your future: Start your journey to better health and wellness at any age - Lastly, don't be afraid to ask for help. Whether it's enlisting the support of a personal trainer, seeking guidance from a nutritionist, or simply reaching out to friends and family for encouragement, having a support system can make a world of difference on your journey to better health and wellness.

 Remember, you will be older longer than you were younger, so investing in your future by taking care of yourself NOW is essential. Get moving again, assess yourself, and plan to live your best, healthiest life. You've got this!

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  • Thor Hedges on

    Great article! I found it interesting and informative as I’m 56 years old and looking forward to the second half of my life too. Thanks for printing!

  • Thor Hedges on

    Great informative and interesting article. Very timely as I’m 56 years old also! Thanks for sharing.

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