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Stew Smith Fitness News — underwater swimming

Underwater Swimming

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Often I get great ideas from readers who are training to become Special Operators. Many times it is difficult to find a place to swim or with someone competent enough to watch you while you do underwater swims. My rule has always been – NEVER SWIM ALONE – PERIOD. And do not try to push 50m underwater or drown-proofing without trained personnel observing for safety. However, I received a great idea the other day from Jason – check it out.Stew - Reading about underwater swims and how the Naval Special Warfare Command discourages the practice without proper supervision has caused...

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Special Ops - How to Prepare

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Here is a question I get often concerning the way a person prepares for Special Ops type training programs for both military and law enforcement SWAT teams. My answer is usually, “It depends - Not only on the training you seek, but your athletic history / background.” Here is his question and my lengthy answer that takes many of the body types and foundation of fitness issues that arise when people start a training plan for Spec Ops.Stew I'm going to guess you've already answered this question somewhere, so forgive my redundancy. I'm 27 and looking to get into the...

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