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00-COURSE - Two Part Tactical Fitness Course (To and Through Selection)
Stew Smith Fitness

00-COURSE - Two Part Tactical Fitness Course (To and Through Selection)

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Sign up today for the Two-Part Tactical Fitness Course to get TO and THROUGH your training goal. The Course is taught by Stew Smith (former Navy SEAL and long-time tactical fitness coach) and is 80 minutes long and broken up into the following segments:  

Phase 1 of Tactical Fitness (Getting Accepted into the Program) 

Are You Ready to Crush Your Special Operations Fitness Test and Earn Your Spec Ops Contract on the First Attempt?

Then, Phase 2 of Tactical Fitness (Getting Prepared to Get THROUGH Selection)

This is the ultimate two-phase training course to get to and through selection.

Discover the Secrets to Conquering Your Special Ops Training and Securing Your Dream Career in the Military

Are you tired of feeling like your physical weaknesses are holding you back from achieving your dream of serving in special operations?

Do you want to quickly become a better swimmer or runner and pass selection on your first try? The Stew Smith Fitness Course, Getting TO and THROUGH Selection, can help you achieve all this and more.

This revolutionary course is designed for aspiring special operations candidates determined to crush their fitness test and secure a spec ops contract. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from this life-changing program:

Learn How to Get TO and THROUGH Selection and How These Phases are Different. Most failures neglect one or both of these training phases – don’t think you have this in the bag…this journey requires more work than you may realize. But it is not impossible if you understand that exceeding the standard is the standard. Here is what you learn from this course:

- Ace The PST Course (SEAL, SWCC, Diver, EOD, Rescue Swimmer, SARC)
- Learn What it Takes - Gain a deep understanding of what it takes to get through spec ops training.
- Build Stronger Habits - Develop the proper habits to succeed in special operations and beyond
- Never Quit - Create the “never quit“ mindset that will set you apart from the others
- Follow a step-by-step plan to earn your spec ops contract on the first attempt and, most importantly, prepare you to get through the training. 
- Say goodbye to the worry of not being on the right path and confidently pursue your dream career
- Video and Audio Files available

Join the ranks of successful spec ops candidates and take the first step toward achieving your dream. Get the ultimate two-phase training course, Getting TO and THROUGH Selection, today and start your journey to success.

But that's not all! For only $97, you get 80 mins of video (audio option too), free ebook after consultation, free CSS critique, and now a free month of Stew Smith Fitness Weekly Newsletter (workouts, articles and videos of the week):

  • 80 Min training - Worth $297
  • Ebook - Worth $20 
  • CSS Critique - near priceless if new to the stroke
  • One Month of SSF Membership - worth $29.97 a month

  • ALL FOR JUST $197...

  • Act now...By the end of Spring, this will be $197

  •  Email Stew Smith ( with more details after you watch this course, and he can make a more personalized recommendation for you, your goals, and your current fitness levels. No extra charge!

Take advantage of this life-changing opportunity. Take action now and secure your future in special operations. Purchase today at the special price of $97 and start your journey towards earning your spec ops contract on your first attempt. Time is of the essence - don't wait, act now!

Buy Now!

After purchase, look for an email with links to the online course and directions to contact Stew Smith if you have questions and information to share to help him best help you with your specific strengths and weaknesses and selection course. 

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