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Mobility Day, Easy Day, Recovery Day, Technique Day - You Still Need It!

Stew smith

Mobility Day, Easy Day, Recovery Day, Technique Day - Call It What You Want 

Two Important Ankle / Hips / Knee Stretches for Rocket Fin Swims and Egg-Beater Treading

For the past 7 years, I have introduced a day in the middle of the week that focuses on recovery, stretching, mobility, easy non-impact cardio, and technique for various pool skills. Regardless of what it is called, it has been life changing, not because a need a day to focus on range of motion, but a day to relieve sore muscles, reduce impact cardio volume (run/ruck), and help with general flexibility and mobility needed to do many of the various swimming / pool skills used by military diving and special ops programs as pictured above. Also, later in the week workouts are much better and injuries are also reduced across the board by this simple addition. 

As ship dates start to near,  most candidates will move this day to Saturday / Sunday during the week to better prepare themselves for five hard days of selection with weekends off to "lick their wounds".
(Navy SEAL / SWCC / Dive Schools). 

Recent Developments in Teaching Non-Swimmers How to Tread - Start off with mobility / flexibility work:  CSS and Treading Practice

Here is how the recovery day works:

Repeat 5 times
Bike or other nonimpact cardio 5 minutes
Stretch, foam roll, or massage tool 5 minutes

- Work through entire body during these 5 sets - see Mobility Day Walk Through video

After dry land stretch and cardio is complete, consider round two of the day to be in the water focusing on techniques of a variety of pool skills (treading, drownproofing, swim efficiency, etc):

Repeat 4-5 times
Tread or swim 5 minutes
Stretch ankles, knees, hips, shoulders depending on mobility issues of these joints that need to be limber for best streamline body position, gliding positions, and treading water. 

Try this Drownproofing Workout too!

As you can see, "Mobility Day" is much more than worrying about range of motion, it is a focused effort on recovery and techniques needed to master certain very challenging events in the water confidence part of training. If you don't think you need a mobility day, that is fine. The last thing you will want to happen is to neglect a weakness that is never mastered largely due to one's mobility in the shoulders, knees, ankles, and hips (or practice). 

 Check out more details of how to mix in such a day to your week at Don't Skip Mobilty Day



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