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Stew Smith Fitness News — swat

Favorite Spec Ops Workouts for an ENTIRE Week

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Stew - I noticed you have been posting your favorite workouts of the week on, so if you had a full week of your favorites what would it look like?  SteveGreat question - I decided to make a week of my favorites or "fall back" workouts to set up this week for the Spec Ops Workout of the Week.  They are tough full body workouts with a few two-a-days, followed by a good cardio workout of run, swim, or ruck with some non impact tabata intervals / pyramids thrown in too.  See a full week of my favorite workouts!!Day...

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TRX Workout: How to Replace a Weight System with Device

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Stew's Top Ten TRX Exercises Video(click) An email from a Fire Fighter instructor looking for advice on creating a fitness maintenance plan and fitness building program for his major city fire fighters prompted an answer that was diverse in its ability yet cost effective.  He writes, “I think your recent publications of Fire Fighter Workout and Public Safety Diver training cross over very well. The problem on our job is the level of fitness varies dramatically from 22 year old probationary fire fighters just out of the military to 60+ year old guys that don’t exercise and are in terrible...

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