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Getting Back On Track With These Go-To Workouts

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Getting Back On Track With These Go-To Workouts

Life gets in the way of the best intended plans to exercise often enough that it is not uncommon to miss a few days of training. When life happens, and you absolutely miss the full workouts you had planned there are some ideas that will help you get back into it depending on the amount of time in between workouts. If just busy and not ill, the challenge to get back into the weight room is typically a battle of the mind and balance of mental stress. Getting over this hump quicker than not can prevent a downslide of your...

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New Podcast: The Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith

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New Podcast:  The Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith

The Tactical Fitness Report Podcast Here is my FREE podcast I created to be viewed or heard as desired.  You can see the podcast on (video), iTunes - (search Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith), Google Play - search Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith), Podomatic - For audio version online.  See links and descriptions below of the most recent Podcasts:  Tactical Fitness Report 83 - Age Waivers - They are rare. Very rare but you might get lucky and find a way if you are persistent and have the right credentials. Tactical Fitness Report 82 - Swim Training Options:  Skills, Drills and...

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Master the Next PT Test With This Program

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The Military, Police, and Fire Fighter PT Test Survival Guide is a product designed to help you AVOID the Twelve Fitness Testing Mistakes That Lead to Failure. Available in Softcover Book            Kindle Version eBook        Printable PDF File eBook This is a HOW TO / EXERCISE eBOOK that will help you learn how to take a fitness test. Complete with a six-week workout plus a testing week taper routine to get you "well rested - well tested" for the next fitness test you have to take.You can use the tips, techniques, and tools...

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Advanced and Beginner / Intermediate Nutritional Packages at

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Stew Smith Fitness has teamed up with Game Plan Nutrition to produce a nutritional supplement package to help people training for very advanced fitness training programs like Special Operations type professions to rebuild, recover, and stay healthy.  Borderline over-training can occur with the best laid training programs and if you do not focus on rest, recovery, nutrition, and hydration, you can experience many of the symptoms of over-training and soon see negative performance results.  Give this a try and see how you like it. These are perfect items to add to your food plan especially if you are burning the...

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Favorite Spec Ops Workouts for an ENTIRE Week

stew smith army sf BUDS combat swimmer stroke crossfit navy seal pft pst pullups pushups shoulder special ops special ops training stew smith swat

Stew - I noticed you have been posting your favorite workouts of the week on, so if you had a full week of your favorites what would it look like?  SteveGreat question - I decided to make a week of my favorites or "fall back" workouts to set up this week for the Spec Ops Workout of the Week.  They are tough full body workouts with a few two-a-days, followed by a good cardio workout of run, swim, or ruck with some non impact tabata intervals / pyramids thrown in too.  See a full week of my favorite workouts!!Day...

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