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Stew Smith Fitness News — shoulder

Favorite Spec Ops Workouts for an ENTIRE Week

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Stew - I noticed you have been posting your favorite workouts of the week on, so if you had a full week of your favorites what would it look like?  SteveGreat question - I decided to make a week of my favorites or "fall back" workouts to set up this week for the Spec Ops Workout of the Week.  They are tough full body workouts with a few two-a-days, followed by a good cardio workout of run, swim, or ruck with some non impact tabata intervals / pyramids thrown in too.  See a full week of my favorite workouts!!Day...

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Lightweight Shoulder Workout -

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I have received many emails this week concerning past injuries of and readers. According to Navy Bureau of Medicine, the top three sport injury surgeries done on its members are:- Shoulders - Knees - Lower Back For the next three weeks I will focus on exercises to help strengthen these areas in case you are suffering from previous injuries. For those healthy readers, the exercises discussed in the next three weeks will also help you PREVENT hurting yourself with these most common of injuries.This week my focus is on the number one most injured joint in our...

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