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Seasonal Periodization Programs

Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization (STFP)
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 What is  Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization?

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Article or Video Discussion:
A Training System Developed by Stew Smith CSCS

The Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization system programs are now available at These Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer series of programs make up the system of Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization model. 

Throughout my life from high school athlete in multiple sports, to military fitness, college sports, special ops selection preparation, and then as active special ops member, I recognized the importance of seasonal training.  Creating an off-season in sports was naturally built in with it's own periodization cycles (pre-season, in-season maintenance, post-season) no matter what sport or multiple sports you doing / preparing for.  This was not the case for any tactical profession.  

Learning the differences between the specifics Is the first part of this training education as many people do not realize the differences of each phase of training and train "out of phase" depending on their immediate and future goals.  These are always constant:
Phase 1 - TO the training,  (specifics to testing)
Phase 2 - THROUGH the training, (specifics to selection / training)
Phase 3  - Active Operator Maintenance / Stress Mitigation 

See books below that are part of the Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization System. These will help you prepare to get TO and THROUGH training: