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How to Get to BUDS - All Options (plus 2014 updates)

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All roads to becoming a Navy SEAL, end at BUD/S - Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL Training. There are many routes to get to sunny Coronado, California where BUD/S is located, but the only way to become a Navy SEAL is you have to finish BUD/S first. Below are the several options SEAL wanna-be's struggle with and definitely should know before signing any paperwork with the Navy:First Option - Join the Navy by EnlistingThis is the route that will give you the best chance of attending SEAL training as there are ten times more enlisted SEALs than there are officers...

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Top Ten List of Mental Toughness

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After this article, a friend of mine asked about what I thought the Top Ten List of traits for mental toughness would be.  After some thought and discussions with some successful, mentally tough people, we came up with this. Mental Toughness – How do we obtain it?  Make it stronger?  Many young people ask these questions of me each day and I wish it was a simple answer.  I wish you could be mentally tough by figuring out a magic solution of phrases or training programs.  But it is not that simple.  Being mentally tough requires you to keep competing...

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