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Stew Smith Fitness News — new book

Tactical Fitness Over 40: Foundation Rebuilding - For Beginners or Those Recovering from Injury

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Save Money on getting the Kindle version or the book on this site if you prefer the printed version.  Bonus!  We will send you the PDF version for FREE if you post a review on Amazon after the Amazon Kindle purchase. Just contact the author at and he will get it to you.  The new book and ebook titled Tactical Fitness (40+) For Beginners and Those Recovering from Injury has much to offer. Not only does it share the 20 year journey of  training for sports, preparing for challenging events, performance fitness,  but most importantly some life lessons dealing with the injuries / failures obtained from decades of rigorous...

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Motivation Can Grow into Mental Toughness

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Over the past several years of writing about high level Special Ops Fitness, there is always a question concerning Mental Toughness.  I get asked if I have any tips on getting more mentally tough.  And I hate to sound like a grumpy, old coach, but to answer that – THERE ARE NO TIPS!  There is no secret sauce that makes mental toughness magically appear in your life.  Mental Toughness is built slowly – sometimes years – over several stages.  Here is how I see mental toughness and resilience develop over time in the following stages: Motivation – There is a...

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The Dirty Dozen Fitness Test - Blog / Competition

stew smith mental toughness military fitness motivation new book special ops special ops training stew smith tactical fitness weight training

Try the events of the Dirty Dozen Fitness Test.  Arrange in any order you prefer.   You can take the test many different ways:1 - Take the test in one day / one long training session2 - Take 2-3 days to break up the events into - STRENGTH - SPEED/AGILITY - ENDURANCE3 - Take the entire year to break up the events as above using periodization specific training to master each event over the year. Share your scores / times in the in the comment section below: These are the twelve events I call the Tactical Fitness Dirty Dozen that I pulled from...

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What is Tactical Fitness? New Book Available NOW!

stew smith new book stew smith tactical fitness

New Book - Tactical Fitness - For the Heroes of Tomorrow / Today! (Free shipping until New Years!) Tactical Fitness is a new fitness genre, which I personally define as: The ability to perform military, police, fire fighting and other personal survival-related skills, such as running, rucking, swimming, buddy rescue,  climbing, jumping, and equipment carry, which require full-body strength, muscle coordination, stamina, speed, agility, and cardiovascular conditioning. Tactical Fitness primarily applies and refers to the type of fitness needed to assist active duty military, law enforcement, fire fighters, and other first responders.  However, it also applies to those seeking the...

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