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Online Coaching Programs with Stew Smith

If you've ever wondered "Can online coaching really help me?" then work with Stew Smith - Former Navy SEAL - Online Coach since 1999 - and get it right the first time, stop wasting time, energy, and hurting yourself.  Buy any plan below and Stew Smith will contact you to get started ASAP. 

Since 1999, we have been coaching individuals online focusing on basic fitness and weight loss as well as advanced level athletic training for military, special operations, police, and fire fighting professions. 

The following programs vary in personalized attention with the Stew Smith Fitness Membership (generic) to the Online PT club which offers a personalized training program to help you better fit fitness into your schedule, and even a Premium Coaching program that helps you with whatever goals you are trying to conquer that require hard work, motivation, and persistence generated by Stew Smith via phone, text, Facetime, Skype, etc..   

See below for what works for you and your goals: