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Stew Smith Fitness - Best Selling Tactical Fitness Coach / Author

Stew Smith

Stew Smith Fitness

I help struggling military, law enforcement, and firefighter candidates get to and through intense tactical assessment and selection programs. Using my books, ebooks, podcasts, articles, and online coaching, we will help you prepare and qualify for service in the tactical professions.

Our Mission:
  We at Stew Smith Fitness prepare men and women for any tactical profession requiring a fitness test and advanced training.  Your fitness level may one day be the difference between life and death.  It pays to fit fitness into your schedule. We can help you do that.

Here is what you get with Stew Smith CSCS - Tactical Fitness Coach, Writer / Author at

Blog Post / Article Section - Check out these helpful posts on many aspects beyond fitness that you may not have considered to prepare for along your training journey.  Even more articles at Fitness Section

Testimonials:  Hey Stew, I was at a local track & field and a couple of guys saw me tearing through your Tactical Fitness workout (pyramid with running specifically) and asked about my fitness plan. If that doesn't demonstrate the results speaking for themselves, I don't know what does. Of course, I told them about you and your terrific website. These guys were doing their own difficult workout, but are clearly looking to up the ante and challenge themselves, and I don't know a better place to do that than through you. Thanks for all of your pointers and your work continues to be amazing.  Best,  Mike

More Testimonials

The Podcasts:  Tactical Fitness Report and To, Through, and After with a variety of former tactical / spec ops professionals about their journey of service.  

              Links to Podcasts (Available on Youtube, iTunes, GooglePlay, 

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About the Heroes of Tomorrow

Learn How to Swim for Special Ops: 100's of Videos on Youtube and Instagram Pages 


 Stew Smith Put to the Test on 
National Geographic - Fight Science

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Special Ops Programming

and many more. 

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Personalized Training Programs - Personalized online coaching available too - any fitness level. In fact, most people on the PT CLUB program are over 40 with specific health and fitness goals. 

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