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New Podcast: The Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith

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Here is my FREE podcast I created to be viewed or heard as desired.  So far, you can see the podcast on

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2 - iTunes - (search Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith)

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4 - Sound Cloud

See links and descriptions below:

Podcast #1 - Discussion on the Tactical Athlete and defining what Tactical Fitness is and why it is important for military, police, fire fighters, and specials ops.  Understanding why you need to train to be and stay a tactical athlete for those seeking these professions is job number one! Soundcloud Direct Link.

Article on Tactical Athlete Training

Tactical Fitness    Tactical Strength

Podcast #2 - Tactical Fitness Report with Stew Smith features a focus on the THREE phases of Tactical Fitness:

Phase 1 - Getting TO the training
Phase 2 - Getting THROUGH the training
Phase 3 - Active Duty Maintenance / Recovery / Longevity






Article on To and Through

SoundCloud Direct Link.

Podcast #3 - Periodization for the Tactical Athlete is A way to train to maintain all the elements of fitness ideal for a Tactical Profession as well as prepare your body for the multiple of challenges in such special ops selections programs that will expose weaknesses very quickly.

Article on 20 years of Periodization

Sound Cloud Direct Link

Books On Periodization Cycles - Maximum Fitness, Tactical Fitness, Tactical Strength, Navy SEAL Weight Training, Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness 

Podcast #4 - 1000 Calories Challenge - Burn More / Eat Less - This podcast is all about eating less and moving more. As a country we eat more than 1000 calories than required and do 1000 calories less than we should each day to be active.  Discussed are some ideas on ways to improve your energy levels, lose weight, get or stay fit with ideas on how to arrange workouts in your day.

Article of 1000 Calores

More assistance can be found at or check out the Beginner / Weight Loss Section of the Stew Smith Fitness store

Sound Cloud Direct Link 

Podcast #5 - Importance of Warmups - Warming up prior to a workout or very physical event is smart to learn how to do and figure out exactly what your body needs to move more efficiently and without pain. 

Stew Smith discusses many ways to pre-train (warmup) before training hard and many other aspects of fitness relating to the tactical professions - military, police, fire fighter, and special ops.

Sound Cloud Direct Link 

Podcast #6 - The Operator GripHaving a good grip comes in handy not just shaking hands, but doing many tasks required of military and special ops personnel. Stew discusses a recent email asking about improving grip for exercises that include rope climbs, pullups, and even dry firing with your non-​​dominant hand.

Article on Grip - All of these exercises are in Tactical Fitness and Tactical Strength

 SIRT Pistol for dry fire training / with laser pointer.

Sound Cloud Direct Link

Podcast #7 - Workout Challenges to Test Your Capabilities. When it comes to WHY you work out the reasons are varied. From health reasons, to perform better in sports, and save lives in tactical professions, we all have a WHY we train hard near daily. But WHAT workout or event is it that you use to measure your training and abilities? What workout or level of fitness must you maintain for you to feel acceptable with your personal fitness goals? Here is a list of many standards that hard charging military, police, fire fighters, and equally tough civilians use as their bench mark of fitness. What is YOUR Standard?

Article on Personal Fitness Assessment Markers

Sound Cloud Direct Link

Podcast #8 - Mental Toughness.  After recent conversations with a few different Special Ops friends (Army SF, SEAL, Delta, UK Army Commando), we all agreed that to really be one of the few who graduate Special Ops training, you eventually have to do one thing without care:  "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable"

Mental Toughness Article

Sound Cloud Direct Link

Podcast #9 - Adding Thinking Games to Workouts
Podcast #10 - Ask Stew - Several Questions from Readers / Listeners
Podcast #11 - Ready to Serve
Podcast #12 - Adventure Racing Preparation
Podcast #13 - Defeating the Quit Demon
Check out other videos of combat swimmer stroke, workouts, and other spec ops related training.

See for more information about military, law enforcement, special ops, fire fighting training programs.



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