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When You Set a Goal, You Have to Also Sign Up for the Journey

Stew smith

Goal Setting and Getting Ready
for the Long Haul

Taking a few minutes to do some blindless scrolling through social media can sometimes entertain you, horrify you, completely waste your time, but on a good day, inspire a thought you would also like to share.  Here is a quote from Russell Brunson who is in the business of helping people sell more products and services.

"Some people sign up for the goal, but don't sign up for the discomfort and hard work that comes along with the goal. " - Russell Brunson

I have always read more into the life and the actions people who are successfull in their field take throughout their journey.  You will find more often than not that many of the most successful people throughout history all had to endure long days and night of work, attempts, and even failures.  But found a way to turn it around and never give up on their goals or dreams. Many can speak from experience and I enjoy finding those people to hear what has become inspiration to many.  If  you don't know who Russell Brunson is...

Russell is an entrepreneur coach and deals with people striving for a better work life.  His programs are exceptional guides and roadmaps to success, but you still must put in the work to get to where you want to be. The challenge of goal achievement is the same in life, in business, personal fitness goals, and throughout the tactical professions training programs as well. That is the one thing you will find when you start on these goal achievement journeys.  They are all experiencing similar ups and downs and eventual success and accomplishment.  Then they go and find another thing to conquer.

"Some people sign up for the goal, but don't sign up for the discomfort and hard work that comes along with the goal. " - Russell Brunson

This quote struck a nerve with me when I first read it as I see this with candidates throughout the tactical professions.  If there is a segment of the population I understand, it is the candidate / student who seeks to serve their country or community, but first must get accepted into and complete the police, fire services, or military and special ops training programs. Wanting to become a soldier, marine, police officer, fire fighter, SWAT, or spec ops team member is the easy part.  The journey to just thoroughly prepare for the training is tough. Getting THROUGH the training is even tougher.  Truth be told, the job itself is also tough but in a different way so the journey never ends.  Learn about the three phases of tactical fitness training you have to endure to get to where you want to go and who you want to become:

Phase 1 - Getting TO the Training (acceptance)
Phase 2 - Getting THROUGH the Training (graduation)
Phase 3 - Active Duty Operator (training continues)

If you break it down into these three phases, you will find the journey feels shorter as you can change focal points depending on your strengths and weaknesses to thoroughly prepare yourself. 

Set Goal. Get After It. Get Over Doubt. Realize You Can Do This. Then Do More...

Here's how this applies to you and crushing your fitness goals and the overall spec ops candidate journey:

Like any new goal, it is exciting at first when you are motivated to pull the trigger to start on a new journey, learn new skills, and become a better person than you were yesterday. However, soon the realization that this is hard work and will take many, many months to see the results you need. Then, the reality hits hard and makes you start doubting yourself.  BUild solid habits during this motivation phase because it will have to evolve into your habits and discipline soon as you will never be motivated and feel like training every day - BUT you do anyway. 

Deciding to try this route is only the first step! However, take some confidence with you because most people DO NOT EVEN TRY. Keep working - as it will all come together with some consistency and continued effort. My advice is to start doubting yourself as quickly as possible and get over it. Realize self doubt is part of the process. But have an answer for your WHY you are doing this question that pops into your head.  What is your answer when your will is tested? I call this the MOMENT of TRUTH.  Even SEAL trainees doubt themselves, but those who become SEALs conquer their doubt. Likewise, those who succeed in business or lose 80-100 pounds in a year, conquer their doubt as well.

By the way... 

If you're one of the aspiring special operations candidates who is genuinely interested in how to turbocharge this process, I'd like to invite you to check out this article on the Four Steps to Get Prepared for the Spec Ops Professions. It may help you understand the journey and be better prepared for the natural ups and downs that are inevitable when you challenge yourself in such a way.

Take Some Time and Research the Process

Also, the first thing you should do is research and study as much as you can about not only the job itself, but the process of recruitment, basic training, and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the advanced training of selection or BUD/S.  This One Stop Shop for Spec Ops Research Article is another one you should read, click links, and watch podcasts so you can narrow down some very broad topics and not get lost in the weeds with your preparation. This makes it easy for you to pass selection on the first try without having to worry whether you're on the right path or not. 

There is Much to Learn - New Skills & Crushing Perceived Limits

But hang on…there is more.  Two more articles you need to investigate somewhere along this journey.  One is about mental toughness and building it and the other is about swimming and treading water and building water competency.  See the One Stop Shop Series for the Mental Toughness and Swimming the CSS and Treading.

Even More Stuff to Consider 

These four reference articles / podcast / swimming videos will help you better understand that the goal to becoming a special operator is a path of nothing but hard work.  If you are willing to keep moving and working hard one day at a time, soon you will see the progress you need to make this work for you and not be part of the 80% of the people who wanted the goal but did not achieve it.  (Attrition Rate Issues – Why Some People Never Even Get TO the Training – much less THROUGH the training.)

Do You Have What It Takes?  

Finally, you will see there are other things that are important to becoming a member of a special ops team.  See What Really Matters in Spec Ops.  In the end is will just come down to you and how bad you want it. Truly.


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