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Tactical Fitness Series

These are NOT just books / ebooks, they are roadmaps to you achieving the goal of a dream job of service to your country or community!

What is Tactical Fitness? 

Here is a recent question I was asked about how and why I train like I do: 

Question: Why do you train so hard?  
What is your why?

My answer: To be ready. Ready for any situation. You never know… Your life, a loved one’s life, or someone you are trying to help - their life may depend on your fitness level. Can you carry someone out of a burning building? Can you quickly react to any man-made or natural threat? Can you run, sprint, jump, lift, swim, carry…? Are you an asset or do you need assistance?

There is actually a chapter in the book Tactical Fitness – that discusses the importance of fitness on this level. Not just for military, police, and firefighters – first responders… But for us all.

This topic is also discussed on a deeper level in the Tactical Fitness over 40 series. Just because you’re an OG does not mean you can’t perform at a certain level that can save your own life and others. You can still train hard – you just have to train smarter.

This is actually the definition of tactical fitness. It is not a game. It is potentially life or death.

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