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Physical Assessment Tools for To and Through Selection

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Jeff Nichols and I recently did a Tactical Fitness Report on how we assess candidates throughout the process of training.  Not just as an initial assessment, but this chart can help you see where you meet up on the spectrum of training that will place you in the top 25% of candidates in spec ops selection programs.  

The Tactical Fitness Report (video)

The Charts and Exercise Standards of Selection Preparation

 Optimal Scores – What is “Good Enough” to focus on other areas?

Height / Weight _____ / ______

Athletic History __________ Injuries ________ Allergies _________ Other__________

Testing Event

Reps / Time


80-100 / 2 minutes

Situps  / Plank (4 min) Knee up

80-100 / 2 minutes



1.5 mile run (Navy, AF)

9 minutes or faster

2 mile run (Army)

12 minutes or faster

3 mile run (USMC)

18 minutes or faster

4 mile timed Run BUD/S

27-28 min or faster

5 Mile run (Army Ranger)

35 minutes or faster

500yd / m swim (Navy / AF)  (yard or meter / second)

8:20 or faster

1000m swim with fins  (yard or meter / second goal)

16:40 or faster

Tread Water (no hands)  10 minutes


Strength / Power Exercises (good enough)

Weighted Pullup (25 lbs)


Bodyweight Bench 


Dead Lift

1.0 - 1.5 bodyweight – 1-5 reps

300 yd shuttle run x 2-3

60 seconds or less

Standing Long Jump

90 inches or more


1-1.5x bodyweight – 5 reps or more


Chest carry lunges 400m (40lb)

Hang Clean

.5 BW to Bodyweight 5 -10 reps

Grip test?

Pullup bar hang? Farmer walk…

OCR racing

Try a few for fun

Rucking  (pace)

10-12 minute mile (40-50lbs)


Check Out Which Book Is Right For Me?

It depends on many factors that also depend on each other. 


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