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From Sprinting, Pacing, to Rucking: How to Conquer Every Running Obstacle in Special Ops Training

Stew smith

Running Programming is NOT One Size Fits All

If you're looking to improve your running for military special ops training, you've come to the right place. Running is a vital component of the physical demands of special ops, and it's essential to be well-prepared for the variety of running challenges you'll face.

First and foremost, mastering sprinting and agility is crucial for navigating the short obstacle courses you'll encounter during your training. Incorporate a mix of sprinting and agility drills into your training regimen to improve your speed, quickness, and coordination. Additionally, incorporate grip training exercises to ensure you have the hand and forearm strength necessary to tackle any obstacles that come your way.

In addition to sprinting, longer, slower runs are essential for building endurance, particularly for those longer-distance running events. Zone 2 running is an effective way to enhance your aerobic capacity and build a solid base for the physical demands of special ops training.

To excel in timed runs and longer running events, it's important to practice running at your goal pace. Aim to run 6-minute miles for timed runs and 7-minute miles for longer running events. Incorporating goal pace running into your training will help you develop the speed and endurance needed to perform at a high level during these challenging runs.

Another crucial aspect of military special ops training is rucking, which involves carrying a weighted backpack (usually 40-50lbs) and covering long distances. To prepare for this, add rucking to 1-2 of your weekly runs to simulate the demands of carrying heavy gear over varying terrain.

To increase the difficulty of your runs, incorporate different elements such as hill sprints, running on sand, using a stair stepper, or running bleachers. These methods will not only challenge your cardiovascular system but also improve your overall strength and endurance, preparing you for the diverse running conditions you'll encounter during special ops training.

In conclusion, mastering the various types of running is essential for excelling in military special ops training. By incorporating sprinting, longer, slower runs, goal pace running, rucking, and challenging running environments into your training, you'll be better equipped to tackle the demanding running challenges that lie ahead. So lace up your boots, hit the trails, and prepare to conquer any running obstacle in your path. You've got this!

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