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Navy SEAL Weight Training Program (Is Your Strength a Weakness?)

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Is Strength a Weakness for You?

If you can run and swim for days, but have been skipping too many training days in the weight room, this book if for you!  You need to work on those weaknesses that will be exposed in your first few weeks at SEAL Training - When MOST People Quit!

This program helps you add in weight training specifically designed for the heavier elements of SEAL Training preparation - load bearing - rucking, log pt, carrying boats on land, buddy and equipment carries, etc...No kidding! For years, many thought I did not lift weights because I wrote a book - The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness - that is mainly running, swimming, and high repetition calisthenics.  This Cardio / Calisthenics program is just 12 Weeks of a 52 week cycle.  In Tactical Fitness Periodizationterms, it is my Spring / Summer Cardio/Calisthenics cycle focused on endurance and muscle stamina.  I have recently developed another Cardio and Calisthenics Workout Program in 2019 because many strength / power athletes need to focus on their endurance and muscle stamina.  This book would be considered my Fall / Winter Lift Cycle but with a Navy SEAL Training focus. It takes decades of weight training, strength / power lifting, and even hypertrophy training and redesigns programs to be a better fit for the needs of the endurance athlete preparing for BUD/S. 


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However, some candidates need to lift as strength, power, and speed/agility maybe a weakness to many endurance athletes.  Here is the answer - Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout book holds the secret to you preparing yourself for BUDS. If you do this program - and maybe even repeat it - you will prepare yourself for the strength / power events and maintain your endurance of running, rucking, and swimming (with fins especially) If you are not coming from a strength / power background (athletic history), YOU NEED THIS PROGRAM.

There are other options too!  Tactical Strength is our Winter Lift cycle and the new book Stew Smith's Fall and Winter Lift Cycle (2019) is our most recent strength training and hypertrophy system created.  

More About Tactical Fitness (No Weaknesses Wanted)

Look, I have been creating tactical fitness programming for over 20 years now - before we even called it Tactical Fitness - I wrote that book too. When I created this program, I had just created his tactical fitness periodization training system. The Navy SEAL Weight Lifting Workout fits perfectly into the Fall / Winter high repetitions calisthenics, running, and swimming cycle.This is MY Venn Diagram of what the tactical athlete needs to become.  GOOD at all of these fitness elements - not great at one or two and neglect the others.  Any weakness you have will be revealed in a few hours of your selection program.  You need to focus on where you are on the Tactical Fitness Timeline.  There are three phases but you could add in a fourth:

Phase 1 - Recruit - Getting TO the Training - Simply crush a PST and you are IN. But that is not enough as you also need to prepare for the next phase long before you arrive at your selection. 
Phase 2 - Student - Getting THROUGH the Training - Now prepare for the specifics of your training pipeline.  4 mile runs, 2 mile swims with fins, treading / pool skills, rucking, log pt, paddling boats, running with boats on your head....etc...  

This Book Combo is a 1-2 Punch for Phases 1 and 2 of the above timeline:


Navy SEAL Weight Training Book
Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness Book  


If you have a weakness of running, swimming, or hitting high repetitions calisthenics testing scores, the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book is ideal for you. If you can crush the runs and swims of the PST but the calisthenics are your weakness, you need to focus on calisthenics first, then add a weight training cycle because strength is your issue. Get TO and THROUGH BUDS with this program.

Phase 3 - The Active Duty Operator - No longer will you need to worry about being a recruit / student unless you take more courses that place you back in student roll again.  The goal here is operational ability, recovery, stress mitigation, and maintaining your work capacity and durability through smart Tactical Fitness periodization programming BECAUSE you will be older longer than you are younger in a full career in these fields. 

Phase 4 - Retired Operator - You could consider this phase part of the Tactical Athlete Timeline.  You should! You may not think of it much now, but one day you will want to enjoy life after the military. This kind of longevity requires smarter training not harder training as you age.  Periodization and Mobility! 

Contact the Author Anytime

What makes this fitness book special as opposed to others (even the free ones) is you can contact the author - Navy SEAL veteran Stew Smith anytime. Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook for LIVE videos and answers to your questions. But just email him to if you have specific questions about the program and I will help you personalize it for your situation, equipment, facilities, and abilities. How cool is that?

Check out the Online Coaching -  PT CLUB and Members Only Section and get weekly updates on newly created and unpublished workouts.  Maybe even consider joining the Member's Only Program where you get access to hundreds of weeks of unpublished workouts, special downloadable workouts, personalized critiques, weekly emails with new workouts, articles, and videos in them, and more.

Who Is This Book For? 

Navy SEAL Weight Training is for those endurance athletes than need to get a little stronger, put on some muscle mass, and build some durability. But you also must want to serve our country in any special ops program that involves water (Navy SEAL, SWCC, EOD / Diver, Rescue Swimmer, AF PJ, RECON, etc). You have to seriously be dedicated to serving in that capacity.

The thing I love most about it is that you will not feel alone with this plan. If you need to, just ask the me or others doing the program on the Stew Smith Tactical Fitness Training closed Facebook group. Join the group where hundreds of people share your goals and want to prepare for challenges and maintain their active duty / high level of fitness status.

I still use this fitness book too and I have been doing these type of workouts now for over 30 years. We still do many of them as written in this book as well as made alterations over time and created new programs like Navy SEAL PST Training Phases 1,2/3, and 4 as well as Maximum Fitness - Navy SEAL Cross-Training.




When you compare Stew Smith Training programs to other programs out there. Not many authors give you their email and ask you to ask questions. I answer questions daily - hundreds of them - and make articles out of them. In fact, you can ask a question to google and place my name in quotations and likely see a few fitness related articles and videos made on that topic (tactical fitness)

Now is the time to take a hard look at this because it works. Plus, if you take full advantage and follow me on facebook, youtube, and instagram, you will get updated training ideas, swim video critiques, and much much more.

If you want more details check out Start off with the ARTICLES section, then check out the books and ebooks for programming. Also see MEMBERS ONLY section if you want more. Then consider buying the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book or any other program that fits your goals and current abilities. Which Book is Right For YOU?


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