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BOOK - Stew Smith's Fall & Winter Lift Cycle (24 Weeks)
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BOOK - Stew Smith's Fall & Winter Lift Cycle (24 Weeks)

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Stew Smith's Fall & Winter Lift Cycle for the Tactical Athlete

Are you great at running and swimming but need to put on some weight, add strength and power?  Are you worried about getting crushed under rucks, logs, boats, or lifting and carrying heavy equipment during the training cycle of your tactical profession?  Or do you just want to change things up a bit and add some strength training to your calisthenics and cardio training plan?  Regardless of the reason and your profession, working on elements of fitness that you consider a weakness (or may not like doing) is essential to you becoming a well rounded and athletic / capable person.   

Hypertrophy and Strength Training 

This is not your typical hypertrophy and strength training plan.  This is just a phase in my Tactical Fitness Periodization Plan that has over 20 years of tested experience. This program is different - There is way more cardio activity than the typical strength athlete needs. We do this in order to maintain the endurance / muscle stamina gains from previous cycles. If you need to solely focus on your strength, you can pull back on the cardio events like running and swimming.  However, most people preparing for the rigors of future military / special ops training programs will need a mix of both as in this program.

When training for challenging selection programs or maintaining your high level tactical athletics skills, you have to have a full arsenal of fitness elements that are not considered a weakness to you (pictured above).  That means have strength / power, endurance / muscle stamina, speed / agility, flexibility / mobility, grip, and a certain amount of body mass is also recommended to aid in durability. 

Don't Neglect Your Strength - PST Scores Alone Won't Cut It

We all start training with some sort of natural or neglected weakness of the above fitness elements and it is our job during preparation to make those weaknesses less and maybe even a new-found strength.  The goal of this phase is to maintain the work capacity created during the previous calisthenics / cardio cycle and now add some strength / muscle growth in order to build some needed durability needed in selection.

Here is what you get:

- A 12 Week Fall Calisthenics / Running-Swimming / Lifting Mix

- A 12 Week Winter Lift Cycle - Less Running - More Swim / Ruck Mix

Get the BOOK today.  We will drop ship the book from the printer service - expect 5-7 days before arrival.   If you want the EBOOK - see link: Stew Smith's Fall / Winter Lift Cycle EBOOK

Any questions along the journey - please feel free to email the author - Stew Smith CSCS at

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