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The Tactical Fitness System in this Book Saved My Life - No Kidding! Maximum Fitness

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- Maximum Fitness -
By Stew Smith CSCS 

A Book That Features A Full Year Of Periodization Training 

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The Tactical Fitness Periodization System in this Book Saved My Life - No Kidding. 

Maximum Fitness is a book that features a full year of tactical fitness periodization training and will help you recover from high mileage running/ rucking phases, rebuild joints after high repetition calisthenics for months, and recover smartly by adding a non-impact cardio and basic lifting cycle in four 12-13 week cycles.  Here is what you get - An entire year - 52 weeks of training:

- The first 12 weeks (Spring cycle) focuses on building a base of muscle stamina and cardio endurance through calisthenics, running, swimming, biking, and limited lifting.

- The second 12 weeks (Summer cycle) focuses on building upon those elements of fitness and peaks with all in the late summer months.

- The third 12 weeks cycle (Fall cycle) focuses on mixing weights, reducing miles of running / increasing speed, longer swims with fins, and less repetitions of calisthenics by adding weight training.

- The fourth 12 weeks (Winter cycle) is more of a bodybuilding hypertrophy training program to build mass, rebuild beat up joints by doing more non-impact cardio and much less running. The goal here is to work all the elements of tactical fitness in a year and not neglecting any along the way.  If you want more of the power lifting cycle for tactical athletes - see Tactical Strength.

- Each phase has a week of recovery to focus on mobility / flexibility before moving into the next phase.

More About Tactical Fitness Training

I have been creating tactical fitness programming for 20 years now. When I created this program, I had been testing my systems for about 3-4 years as I rebuilt myself after a decade of pushing harder not smarter.  By 30 I was falling apart so I went back to my basics - stopped running and just lifted on a very basic level with isolation movements even. But this training system was what I needed at that moment.  After having to rebuild from injuries and surgeries, I created this program to focus on becoming more well rounded tactical athlete again (without pain) and have been using this type of system for over 20 years now - WITH AMAZING RESULTS.

Are YOU good at ALL of these?  You better be. 

This is MY Venn Diagram of what the tactical athlete needs to become.  GOOD at all of these fitness elements - not great at one or two and neglect the others.  Any weakness you have will be revealed in a few hours of your selection program.  You need to focus on where you are on the Tactical Fitness Timeline.  There are three phases but you could add in a fourth:

If you want to be a tactical athlete, you NEED this because most people have strengths and weaknesses when they start their journey into tactical fitness. If you have a weakness of running, swimming, or hitting high repetitions calisthenics testing scores, this book is ideal for you. If you think 1.5 mile run is long distance and need to practice swimming, this book is ideal for you. Crush any fitness test that challenges pushups, situps, pullups, running and swimming. Quite frankly, this program works and always has IF you do it. But, if you need to focus on building mass and strength, the Fall / Winter lift cycle combined with less running and more non-impact cardio will help you heal and rebuild.  This is just part of the 52 Week Maximum Fitness Book.

The BIG Payoff is this system teaches a way to train that allows you to turn weaknesses into strengths and maintain your strength no matter what your athletic history is. Tactical Fitness training is not the same as if you were training for your sports. You cannot avoid elements of fitness like most sports do, but you also don't have to be great at any element of fitness - just good at ALL of them. Don't read this book - DO THIS BOOK. Just follow the plans.

What makes this full year of periodization training truly stand out even more is you can contact the author - Navy SEAL veteran Stew Smith anytime. Follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook for LIVE videos and answers to your questions. But just email me if you have specific questions about the program and I will help you personalize it for your situation, equipment, facilities, and abilities. How cool is that? 

Other Options in Training Programs

Check out the Online Coaching -  PT CLUB and Members Only Section and get weekly updates on newly created and unpublished workouts.  Maybe even consider joining the Member's Only Program where you get access to hundreds of weeks of unpublished workouts, special downloadable workouts, personalized critiques, weekly emails with new workouts, articles, and videos in them, and more.

The thing I love most about it is that you will not feel alone with this plan. If you need to, just ask the me or others doing the program on the Stew Smith Tactical Fitness Training closed Facebook group. Join the group where hundreds of people share your goals and want to prepare for challenges and maintain their active duty / high level of fitness status.

I have been doing this specific Tactical Fitness Periodization System now for 20 years and it has save my life. We still do many of these classic workouts written in this book as well as made alterations over time and created new programs like Fall Winter Lift Cycle, Calisthenics and Cardio, and of course, Navy SEAL PST Training Phases 1,2/3, and 4 as well as Tactical Fitness, Tactical Strength, and Tactical Mobility and many more!! See for complete list.

The good news for you is this a book that features a full year of periodization training - BUY NOW - and you get a proven system of training BUT so much more. Get access to the author through email and social media or FREE local training in Severna Park, MD.

You cannot compare price - for only $18.95 you get this system that will last you a year and many more if you repeat it. Not many authors give you their email and ask you to ask questions. I answer questions daily - hundreds of them - and make articles out of them. In fact, you can ask a question to google and place my name in quotations and likely see a few fitness related articles and videos made on that topic (tactical fitness).

Consider learning HOW to run that works for you See Evolution of Running article

Now is the time to take a hard look at this because it works. Plus, if you take full advantage and follow me on facebook, youtube, and instagram, you will get updated training ideas, swim video critiques, and much much more.

If you want more details check out Start off with the ARTICLES section, then check out the books and ebooks for programming. Also see MEMBERS ONLY section if you want more. Then consider buying the Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness book or any other program that fits your goals and current abilities. Which Book is Right For YOU?


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