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Happy "Never Give Up" Day

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Never Give Up! 

I did not know there was a National Never Give Up Day! Sounds like a good a day as any to explain the term - NEVER GIVE UP. 

When you use the term “never give up” to someone who is not native to the English language, they ask interesting questions to please explain what is meant by “never giving up.” You quickly realize “give” and “up” together make little sense so you quickly resort to a simpler expression such as “never surrender” or the more popular “never quit”. But this is not just a new term from the Urban Dictionary as it has been used for hundreds of years as a term of “do not surrender”.  Remember Commander James Lawrence’s dying words aboard the USS Chesapeake during a losing battle near Boston in the War of 1812 – “Do Not Give Up the Ship.“  And Oliver Hazard Perry’s had those same words inscribed on his battle flag during his battles with the British in Lake Erie. The flag hangs in Memorial Hall at the Naval Academy as a constant reminder to all to "never give up". 

Don't Give Up the Ship: Naval Academy Alumni | Don't give up, Ship tattoo,  Things to know

So, the term “Never give up” is etched in history with countless leaders and champions using the phrase to inspire others (and themselves) to keep going, even when times are tough, danger and failure is surrounding you, and you are tired and just want to stop. Finding the fuel to keep going is possible and you can build this skill through practice, persistence, and a willingness to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

The following is a list of way to challenge yourself internally and externally through positive self-talk to “Never Give Up” on yourself, others, or a goal or dream:


Eventually Discipline - If you consider what is truly takes to accomplish a goal, it requires an internal motivational dialogue that gets you going especially when you don't feel like it. The motivation evolves into disciplined effort through daily consistency being focused on that end goal. Some days the motivation is lagging. Discipline will get you through.  As Rocky says, “Every Champion was once a contender who never gave up.”  ~ Rocky Balboa (See Motivation Evolves into Discipline)

Every Goal Requires Habits – Typically you will find that to accomplish a task or a long-term goal, you have to have a few positive habits built. The above motivation and discipline are needed, sure, but also focus, time management, and organizational skills throughout the process.  However, there may also be some habits you have to drop. Time consuming things that wastes time from your goal achievement is a no brainer – these “fun” habits can be detrimental to success. Sometimes sacrificing much of the “fun” that we have in life has to be done for a short term in order to take a goal to a certain level of accomplishment.  Success is usually driven by two habits:  One we start and one we drop. Check out Drinking Alcohol and Advanced Physical Training as we discuss certain habits. 

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Believe in Yourself and Avoid Negative Influences – Unless, you are motivated by proving people wrong. Sharing your dreams with people can be a double-edged sword. There are hopefully many in your life who will support you on this journey, however, there will be people who do not share your goals, dreams, or ability and will doubt you from the beginning. Proving these people wrong has been a source of undying inspiration for many who have succeeded in the past. However, having someone in your corner is always nice. Find a mentor and learn how to prepare for the journey that lies ahead. But regardless, you can NOT give up on yourself – ever.  “A Winner is a Dreamer who never gave up.”  ~ Nelson Mandela

Fall Down Seven Times - Stand Up Eight - Japanise Proverb

There is no Guaranteed Path to Success – Finding a pathway to reach your goals that fits your capabilities and time line can be challenging. There are countless ways to prepare yourself for the journey of goal achievement and many will work for you. Just because one pathway did not work, does not mean that another path will get you to the same destination. I tell many that I have A Way to prepare for the journey ahead - not THE ONLY way. However, a never quit attitude, motivation, discipline, and acquiring the skill set to reach your goal will get you there.  If there is not path, make your own. In the end, “It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.”  ~ Babe Ruth

Failing is Learning - Often “Never Giving Up” on your dream is a journey that requires several obstacles to climb, decisions on which fork in the road to take, and even closing a chapter of the journey to begin a new direction. These little failures or challenges are learning experiences that will make you stronger and a better thinker when the next obstacle arises.  As Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

Never giving up has everything to do with failure. We are human and will fail and successes will be thrown in there if we keep moving forward. “Never let success go to your head and never let failure go to your heart.” Anonymous

So, Happy Never Give Up Day...Let's make this year, the Never Give Up Year. 

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