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Tactical Fitness Over 40 Plus - Recovery and Maintenance *(Still Tough Training)

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Save Money on getting the Kindle version or the book on this site if you prefer the printed version.  Bonus!  We will send you the PDF version for FREE if you post a review on Amazon after the Amazon Kindle purchase if you want to print it out, etc...

The new book and ebook titled Tactical Fitness For the Athlete Over 40: Actively Pursuing Recovery and Maintenance has much to offer. Not only does it share the 20 year journey the author has had with training for sports, high level special ops programs (Navy SEAL), but most importantly some life lessons dealing with the injuries obtained from decades of rigorous activity. You can find it at the store as well as Amazon (both Kindle and Softcover Book).  

Also, if you prefer the PDF version in addition to the Kindle, just contact the author at and he will get it to you.  This training program is more for the intermediate and advanced levels of fitness who have to deal with aches of pains of aging (OR recovery from injury at any age) and still working in the Tactical Professions or still want to stay READY for the unexpected. 

Sixteen Week Training Program 

The program offers a 16 week (4 x 4 weeks) training program that walks you through each cycle of Stew Smith's Periodization program (Twenty Years of Periodization) he has been testing and improving upon with local tactical athletes seeking some of the toughest military, police, and fire fighter programs this country has to offer. You can test out each phase of the periodization program during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Four Week Cycles.  You will see that these shorter cycles will help prevent you from overtraining (running too much / too far, PTing too much / too many reps, and lifting too heavy / too long).  This program enables you to recover from all the elements of fitness while pushing you in all the elements as well: strength, power, muscle stamina, speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and mobility.

The Key To Longevity

The addition of the Mobility Day in the middle of the week has been a life saver to those 40 and over as well as the younger athletes who are burning the candle at both ends with work, school, and hardcore training. This simple addition incorporates non-impact cardio options with stretching and foam rolling. If you have access to a pool you can top it off with treading and water dynamic stretches for even more benefits in both mobility, flexibility and recovery / stress relief. 

Also if you have any questions, email the author and he will get back to you ASAP.  Other ways to contact Stew Smith

Stew Smith Contact:

Instagram: @stewsmith50


Twitter: @stewsmith






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