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Common Question From People On The Lower End of the Fitness Spectrum (and wanting to change that)

Stew smith

Getting Back into the Fitness Habit
(One Day at a Time)

If you are back on the lower end of the fitness spectrum and looking to reverse how that feels, check out this commonly asked question from an Army veteran looking to get back into shape. As we age, diet and sleep cannot be neglected like we might have done in our teens and twenties. Let’s get moving again, but take some time to treat yourself like a beginner to build the habit of fitness again like Kyle is doing. Here is his question:


I have heard a great deal about your programs at from Army friends in SF and reading your articles on the Internet, and I would like to begin training to be in functional shape. I was in shape when I was in the Army, but due to a bad diet and poor choices, I lost much muscle mass and put on fat after finishing my enlistment.  My diet and sleep cycle are back to normal, and I am losing fat and ready to return to training. I was an infantryman, 11B, in the Army. Would you mind sharing your recommendation on what program of yours to follow? Thanks, Kyle

Kyle, thanks for reaching out and for your service in the Army. I'm glad you are ready to get back into training and have progressed with getting your diet and sleep back on track. After 30 years old, it is much more difficult to outwork a bad diet and miss hours of sleep consistently.  It's important to start with the basics and rebuild your foundation before jumping into more intense programs. I recommend starting with the TF 40+ Rebuilding the Foundation program, designed to help you ease back into training and build the habit of daily exercise. It may seem easy initially, but treating yourself like a beginner is important to avoid injury and build a strong base for future training.

(First Two Beginner / Intermediate Programming Options)
Another option is the Calisthenics and Cardio program, which requires minimal equipment and has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels built in. This program will help you improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness, and you can progress to more advanced levels as you improve your fitness level. Both of these programs will help you rebuild the foundation to better build the functional shape and strength you had in the Army.

I understand that it can be challenging to start again after military service. Still, I want to assure you that you can achieve your fitness goals with the right program and set time for daily activity – aka build the habit of training again. It's important to have patience and not push yourself too hard too soon, as injuries and setbacks are brutal at this first stage.  I look forward to helping you get back on track and regain your desired fitness level. Remember that starting slowly and gradually increasing your workout intensity is okay as you progress.

Good luck, and I'm here to support you every step of the way.

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The Tactical Fitness 40+ is a 4-part series that totals 52 weeks of training and can change your life in less than a year so you can rebuild yourself and be proud of your progress and abilities without risk of reinjuring yourself as you will learn about some life-changing workouts. Check out one of the most important things you need to start doing NOW: 

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Where to Find More Information About Optimal Performance Training Programs

When you start training again, consider the seasonal tactical fitness model.  I call it A WAY to train and obviously not the only way to train. But it offers the opportunity to never neglect your weaknesses, helps with flexibility and mobility, but will also put you at a level of physical abilities where you are happy with your overall ability to do just about anything. We have a system where the seasons dictate our training. When it is nicer outside, we tend to run and do more calisthenics. When it is colder and not so nice, we lift more, run less, and still maintain our outdoor activities with shorter runs and rucks. Check it out: Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization System.  

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