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Beyond the Grind: Utilizing Rest Days to Sharpen Essential Special Ops Skills

Stew smith

The Journey to Special Ops Selection:
Embracing the Power of Rest and Recovery

Preparing for special ops selection is no casual endeavor. Many treat spec ops prep like they are doing pre-season training for a sport and fall dreadfully short. Spec Ops Prep requires relentless physical conditioning, mental fortitude, and the ability to learn tactical skills quickly. It's natural to feel unsure and question whether incorporating rest days into your intense training regime will set you back. While you've noticed an improvement in your performance when resting every two to three days, the fear of falling behind can be overwhelming. But rest assured, there's a strategic way to balance rest and continued preparation without compromising your recovery and ultimate goals.

Rest days, often seen as a necessary evil, are pivotal to the success of your training. As a coach for over 25 years, I will pull the reins back on the people I am training more than I must push them. Recovery days allow your muscles to recover, reduce the risk of injury, and improve overall performance. However, the concept of resting doesn't necessarily mean complete inactivity. Instead, consider these periods opportunities to refine and develop other crucial skills essential for special ops selection.

Consider focusing on techniques that often get sidelined during high-intensity training days. Swimming, treading water, and drownproofing are vital skills to master. Spend your rest days in the pool, improving your form and efficiency. These low-impact activities will help maintain cardiovascular fitness without putting undue stress on your body. They also help in building stamina and resilience — qualities indispensable for selection.

Flexibility, mobility, and grip are equally critical components of your training. Incorporating activities like yoga or targeted stretching can do wonders. They aid in muscle recovery, improve flexibility, and enhance your range of motion, making your body more adaptable to the strenuous demands of special ops training. Many will do techniques days with martial arts as well to work on certain skillsets that can be useful in the future. 

Beyond physical preparation, developing your tactical skills can offer a productive change during your rest days. Hone your land navigation skills by practicing with a map and compass. This not only improves your orienteering skills but also keeps your mind sharp. Alternatively, spend time on the shooting range to enhance your marksmanship or practice tying the various knots used in special ops training. These essential skills require precision and repetition, making them perfect for lighter training days.

Remember, the journey to special ops selection isn't just about grueling workouts and pushing your body to its limits. It's about smart training — balancing intense physical exertion with skill development and active recovery. Embrace your rest days as a strategic tool in your arsenal, confident that they contribute significantly to your overall performance and readiness. NO need to feel guilty with your day's off. You will be better off because of them especially if you work on various techniques. 

In Closing

My experience has taught me the significant value of enhancing one's comfort of movement in water, an indispensable skill for any aspiring special forces member. This is why I recommend using the rest days to perfect your swimming strokes, your efficiency in treading water, and your proficiency in drownproofing.

Moreover, embracing flexibility and mobility training, activities that I consistently emphasize in my training programs, can transform your body's recovery process on off days. Introducing yoga or dedicated stretching routines aids not only in recovery but also in preventing potential injuries.

As you prepare for the selection process, remember that thoughtful rest is not an interruption of training; rather, it is a complement to it. This balanced perspective is one I've strived to impart through my coaching, knowing that it’s about arriving at selection not just with peak physical fitness but with all the skills honed to their finest. Trust in active recovery and skills development to guide your journey – a more complete, more resilient candidate is the result.

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