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Increase Strength and Crush the PST / PAST: Lift Cycle with PT Test Week - Block Periodization

Stew smith

Increase Strength and Crush the PST / PAST:
- Lift Cycle with PT Test Weeks -
Block Periodization

Do you want to to crush the PST / PAST test and be durable enough to handle a selection program that 50-80% of participants do not make it?  If so, keep reading...

Have you not gotten the results you want in getting stronger and maintaining calisthenics and cardio (run / swim / ruck) scores? Maybe you are really apprehensive about changing paths of what you are doing, but ask yourself these questions: 

Are you seeing steady progress? 

Are you stuck at the same numbers and times of assessment events like the PST and PAST test?

Are you getting stronger and more durable to handle load bearing activity like boats, logs, rucking, and heavy equipment carry?

If you are getting stronger, how is your running and swimming?

Are you able to maintain your above average scores in one area of fitness while you work on your weaknesses?

In the end, are you seeing the results you need to see with the Assessment Tool to Get TO and THROUGH Selection? 

Well, here's some good news for a change...First, you're not alone!

Second, did you know this process requires a near perfect balance of strength training and calisthenics and cardio maintenance?

It's true. In fact, what’s frustrating your efforts here is too much information.  Everyone has an opinion on how to train for this and that and they are not wrong, however balancing all of the elements of fitness into a single program requires a process called block periodization within my personal system of Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization. 

So the actual culprit here is management of your recovery, de-load cycles, and a balanced approach to working on your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths, NOT your will power, your intelligence, or your lack of ability. The good news is that I have been using, testing, and evolving this training system now for over 20 years with countless success stories of operators currently serving and even retiring after 20+ years of service in some of the highest spec ops programs our military has to offer. 

And the even better news is that The Increase Strength and Crush the PST / PAST Workout program is here!  It is a lift cycle with PT testing weeks incorporated into perfect "de-load" periods that actually help you recover from strength training AND improve PST / PAST Scores!  Really! 

If you're a special ops candidate and you're serious about increasing your strength and crushing the PST / PAST Test success this program is for you.  If you really want be durable enough to handle a selection program that 80% of participants do not make it, this program is for you. Truly, this groundbreaking program that we personally tested this Winter, during our Winter Lift Cycle here at / Heroes of Tomorrow Program, IS FOR YOU. We saw countless improvements not only in strength, but also personal records in timed runs and timed swims at distances for the PST / PAST as well as selection during a lift cycle!  Crazy but true! 

Check out the NEW Block Periodization Cycle we did Winter of 2020-21:

Increase Strength & Crush the PST / PAST
3 Weeks Strength - 1 Week PT / Cardio Focus 
(16 weeks)

I just published the book Increase Strength and Crush the PST / PAST - this program will help you do just that and more!  For the ebook, check out this link - Increase Strength and Crush the PST / PAST 

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These Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization programs will walk you through 4 cycles with 12 weeks of each season in two programs. 

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The Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Workouts

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