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Perfect Time to De-load - Here's Your Options. (Video with Jeff Nichols)

Stew Smith

Now Is The Perfect Time to Deload?
Here's How To Do It...

Due to the current changes / disruptions in our daily lives, you may have a lot more time to train, but you maybe you could actually consider a de-loading phase in your training for a few weeks.  As the seasons change (My Seasonal Periodization method), facilities close, sports canceled, allergies, viruses, now is the perfect time to learn about DE-LOADING.  De-loading is NOT de-training.  

This topic warranted a podcast discussion with Jeff Nichols.  See below:

Believe it or not, if you are doing an advanced Spec Ops Level from Jeff Nichols ( or one of mine from, chances are you could benefit from a de-loading phase.

Here are some examples of ways to de-load with success but not de-train:

1 - Change the Weight - Reduce weight significantly (40-50%) and focus on the same lifts but with more attention to form, speed, and accuracy / fluidity of movement.  Get some video recordings of yourself at regular speed and slow motion lifting, running, even doing calisthenics (especially tested events) and see for yourself. Could you stand to focus on more technique?  If so, take more time in your training and don't make your workouts a race or timed event. If you are wanting to prolong the lift cycle more, but have no gym, try a weight vest and/or a TRX to make calisthenics a harder resistance exercise. 

That is a good quote to remember -

2 - Change Your Exercises - Transition from one type of training into another. In my Seasonal Periodization Training, after a Fall / Winter Lift Cycle, we transition into a Spring / Summer Calisthenics and Cardio Cycle.  Perfect timing if you are on that train.  Go from weight training moderately heavy and make the transition into doing more calisthenics and start a progressive build up of cardio options as well (run, rucking, swimming, biking, rowing, etc).  Your choice on the cardio, but with the change of exercises AND distances, you change energy systems focus as well and enable the body to have a recovery from heavy lifts, sprints, and agility training for a cycle.  

3 - Change the Volume of Training - This can go for anything.  From weight training, calisthenics, running, swimming, or other activities, reducing the amount of repetitions, distance, and time spent on them is a form of de-loading that works well also.  With a short period focused on form, technique, and recovery, you will perform better.  MORE is not better.  Actually Less is More!

But if you think about it, this is no different from having to deploy to the field, on ships, or subs, or FOBs. If you are considering military service, get used to it.  Times with little of the normal facilities are a part of life. You have to deal with having limited equipment. Don't overthink it. Focus on recovery, change weights to make them lighter, change lifting into calisthenics, progress logically with running each week, and flexibility and mobility for starters. See related articles:

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