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Change Is Inevitable - Growth is Not

Stew Smith

Change vs. Personal Growth

We are all going to change and grow physically each year of life.  Time will change us all – that is a fact. But do you become a better person each year? Well that is up to you.  Your personal growth is not inevitable and is dependent on many factors:

-          Your Dreams and Your WHY
-          Your Attitude and Mindset
-          Your Goals and Focused Attention
-          Your Effort Level
-          Your Motivation and Discipline
-          Your Persistence in Preparation
-          Your Situation and Support Network
You could probably name a dozen more things that are important for personal growth. But, once you figure out your WHY and adjust your attitude and mindset toward the direction of your goals - with all your effort - even on days when you are not particularly motivated to do so, you build the discipline to stay persistent and you will one day achieve that personal growth. 

I look at these pictures and I would not have made it without the supporting cast around me.  A family that provided for me and encouraged me to work hard and showed me everyday how much I mattered to them.  Then my classmates at Navy and at BUDS.  These graduations would not have happened without supporting each other as Iron Sharpens Iron So One Man Sharpens Another. (Proverbs 27:17). And today – still growing with a supportive family, friends, and people who trust me to help them prepare for their growth in this life.

You get one chance at this life – make it count for something and someone else

Heroes of Tomorrow  - 

The Heroes of Tomorrow program was developed by former Navy SEAL Stew Smith, fitness author.  We can help prepare you for ANY profession that requires a Physical Fitness Test and YOU pay nothing for the training!  Warning - it is rather advanced but we can scale it back a bit and teach running and swimming techniques and help you build up to your goal level of fitness.

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