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noBOOK - Warrior Workout Volume 3
Stew Smith Fitness

noBOOK - Warrior Workout Volume 3

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This book is part 3 of the Warrior Workout Series.  Like the other two books, this features 100 individual workouts from the following books.

Also called Stew Smith's Greatest Hits Album! Here are the programs with some of the favorites ever written:

The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness (12 Weeks to BUDS)

Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout

Tactical Fitness 

Tactical Strength

Tactical Mobility

Warrior Workouts Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3

SWAT Workout

101 PT Pyramid Workouts

Get fit now with these awesome collections of workouts designed by a Stew Smith CSCS for maximum fitness, strength, endurance and total conditioning.

Warrior Workouts, Volume 3 will not disappoint. Developed and tested by best-selling fitness author and expert Stew Smith, the workouts in Warrior Workouts, Volume 3 will challenge you like no other exercise program available. Drawn from essential training and workout plans used for police officers, military spec ops, and firefighters to keep them optimally fit, the book offers more workout collections for result-driven fitness. If the only easy workout was yesterday's then this collection delivers.

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