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Basic Home Gym Workout Section (Calisthenics, TRX, Weight Vest, etc) ALL LEVELS...

Stew Smith

Basic Home Gym Workout Section
Calisthenics, TRX, Weight Vest, etc - ALL LEVELS

Are you worried about getting out of shape when gyms are closed?

Do you not have much equipment to train? 

Do you need ideas to train at home with minimal equipment?

Check out the programs below for more details on what you need for space and equipment as well as what level of fitness ability.  You will find something for every fitness level but all of these workouts have fairly limited equipment required to do challenging workouts.

If you see a cardio option you do not need to do (swim / rucking) or do not have a bike or elliptical, that is fine, skip and replace with another cardio activity from walking to jogging or jumping rope to running stairs.   Time to get creative with your training if you want to stay in shape as well as work off some stress. 

The list below features books and ebooks that are designed to be accomplished with minimal equipment.  Make sure the level of ability matches your own or alter to fit your ability as needed / desired. 



90 Day Plan is my most basic training guide designed for true beginners to do in their home with minimal equipment.  Walking, stretching, calisthenics, and dumbbells is all you need.  IF you have access to other cardio devices, great - use those in place of walking if you prefer.  Get Book Now.





 The new Calisthenics and Cardio workout has a program built for beginners (30 day), an intermediate plan (6 weeks), and an advanced plan (8 weeks) all built in one ebook or book.  There is a wide variety of calisthenics with options and cardio with options that can be done with this program to help build habits to start training again as well as advance PT scores as desired. Get BOOK now.

Get EBOOK now. 


The Weight Vest Workout is also an advanced level workout program that makes challenging calisthenics workouts even harder by adding weight.  You will need a weight vest for this one obviously or  you can make the workout a little easier doing the exercises without a weight vest.  There are some dumbbells required but that can be replaced with other weighted devices (sandbags, back packs, bottles, etc).  Get BOOK now.

Get EBOOK now.  


The TRX Workout is an advanced level workout with the added piece of equipment of a suspension trainer strap.  It is a great way to diversify your home gym workout routine and makes calisthenics either harder or easier - depends how you adjust the straps and your body.  It does require the tactical fitness cardio of run, swim, and rucking.  Replace with other options if needed.  Get the BOOK now.

Get EBOOK now. 



The Complete Guide to Navy SEAL Fitness is a classic calisthenics and cardio workout.  It does feature a beginner and intermediate level program, but is well known for the advanced level 12 Weeks to BUDS workout.  It does require swimming so you will have to get creative and replace swimming if you don't have access to a pool.  But that is fine - See Replace Swimming Options.

Buy Book Now.  
Not available in EBOOK.       


The UBRR Workout is a challenging upper body calisthenics (some weighted) workout.  You may have to replace bench press with weight vest pushups or TRX pushups, but most of the workout is advanced level calisthenics and cardio built to master a butt kicking fitness test used by some special ops groups. 

Only Available in EBOOK format. 










There is ONLY running in this workout program.  If you can get out and run and are an intermediate to advanced runner, this program will take you from 15 miles per week to 35 miles per week in 6 months with a steady progression. 

***This is NOT a beginner running program.***

Available in EBOOK format only



Tactical Mobility - We all can stand to be more flexible and mobile.  Adding this programming to your daily habit will pay off in more ways than you can imagine.  Stay flexible!

Get BOOK now.

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