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Build Speed and Agility - New Fitness Testing in Military and Police

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Why Military and Police Officers are Switching to Speed and Agility Training

Achieving a high level of physical fitness is crucial for anyone pursuing a career in the military, law enforcement, or special operations. Standard tests that once focused on pushups, situps, and long-distance runs are now becoming more dynamic, requiring speed, agility, and combat conditioning. These changes reflect the evolving demands of tactical institutions for well-rounded, versatile individuals who can quickly adapt to various scenarios.

Changes That You Cannot Ignore

- Tactical fitness tests are evolving to focus on speed, agility, and combat conditioning, shifting away from the traditional pushups and longer distance runs.

- Military and law enforcement agencies are incorporating sprint and agility tests into their hiring and training programs for candidates and members.

- Testing events such as 5-10-5 shuttle runs, 300m sprints, 300yd (12x25yd shuttle runs) and the Illinois Agility Test are utilized by various agencies, including the FBI, SEAL Teams, and DEA.

- Training for these tests can be relatively easy, involving warmups and practice runs at 50% speed, leading to significant improvements in performance over time.

- As candidates age, it is crucial to incorporate sprinting and directional changes into their weekly routine to prevent injury and increase their chances of success in tactical training programs.

New fitness programs in the military, police forces, and special operation groups are acknowledging the importance of speed and agility by incorporating sprints, shuttle runs, and agility tests. In the past, long-distance running may have been sufficient, but now individuals must train for endurance, muscle stamina, strength, speed, and agility. Those aspiring for careers in military, police, special ops, or SWAT will need to integrate sprint and agility training into their workout routines.

Moreover, the transition from standardized runs to speed and agility tests can be a challenging hurdle, especially for newcomers. Candidates and members alike will be evaluated not just for their endurance, but also for their capacity to react swiftly to different scenarios. The events used to test speed and agility are diverse, and they are utilized by various agencies to identify the most capable individuals.

Aiming for a career in these institutions requires meticulous preparation and practice. Regularly integrating sprinting and directional changes into your weekly workout routine is not only beneficial but also crucial for your professional development. It is essential to understand the requirements and training elements necessary for success in this career field. With dedicated training and commitment, big improvements are within reach. If you're aiming for a career in any of these tactical fields, remember that your path to success begins with agility and speed.

Take the next step toward a career in the military, police, or special operations by delving into the world of speed and agility training. Discover the evolving demands of tactical institutions and equip yourself with the tools necessary to excel. Visit and start your journey toward becoming a versatile, well-rounded tactical athlete.

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