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Warrior Workout Series - Find Creative Ideas For Advanced Physical Training

Stew Smith

Warrior Workout Book Series
Find Creative Ideas For Advanced Physical Training 

How Every Advanced Athlete or Special Ops Candidate
Can Access a Massive Collection of Workouts

As a fellow advanced exercise enthusiast, I'm confident that one of your training issues is access to creative and effective workouts.  Ultimately, what you want is a large variety of training options to choose from as you create your own training plans.

In the past, you have maybe not gotten the results you wanted by trying something new that did not quite fit your training model.  If you are an advanced tactical athlete or preparing to become a Special Ops member, the Warrior Workout Series is your new database of training ideas.

In fact, if you're like most people, you are a little apprehensive about trying something new, hurting yourself by doing too much or wasting time by doing too little.  These workouts are created and personally tested by Stew Smith CSCS – Navy SEAL veteran and spec ops trainer. For over 20 years, these workouts have become favorites of his and his tactical fitness training groups. 

The great news for you is each book in the Warrior Workout series contains 100 of Stew Smith's favorite workouts. These can easily be pulled and placed into your current training plan when you want to try something new – no matter what the focus.

Here's the key to getting around this problem. If you really want to a large variety of training options, you can get The Warrior Workout Series and actually save money by getting three books for the price of two.  These books lay it all out for you! Check it out here Warrior Workout Book Series.

Warrior Workout Volume 1: This book contains 100 workouts. This is great for those of you who like to pick and choose workouts to add to your week. You can use it as a supplement to current workouts or arrange the workouts in your week to create challenges with over 100 different options. 

Warrior Workout Volume 2: This book is great for those of you who like to pick and choose workouts to add to your week.  You can use it as a supplement to current workouts or arrange the workouts in your week to create challenges with over 100 different options.  These are Tactical Fitness type workouts that you can arrange in any cycle you are in:  lifting, calisthenics, high rep calisthenics / high mile cardio, swimming, rucking, speed and agility too.  Volume 2 is arranged in a Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall organization that helps with building a complete tactical athlete throughout the year – Tactical Periodization Model.

Warrior Workout Volume 3: Also called Stew Smith's Greatest Hits Album! Like the other two books, this features 100 individual workouts, but these are my favorites from the following books: 

Complete Guide to Navy SEAL FItness
Maximum FitnessThe Special Ops WorkoutThe SWAT WorkoutTactical FItnessTactical Strength
Navy SEAL Weight Training
Combat Conditioning  WorkoutStew's Local Heroes of Tomorrow Workouts

Get fit now with these awesome collections of workouts designed by a Stew Smith CSCS for maximum fitness, strength, endurance and total conditioning.

Now you can get all three Warrior Workout Book and save $16.95 for the package: All three cost 50.85. Now for a special offer, get all three books for $33.90. 

BUT - If you REALLY want a database of workouts...

Consider the Stew Smith Fitness Membership program where there are actually more than two years of workouts for both beginner / intermediate and advanced / spec ops level athletes.

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