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noBOOK - The SWAT Workout by Stew Smith
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noBOOK - The SWAT Workout by Stew Smith

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 The SWAT Workout describes the rigorous physical training tactics employed by America's Special Weapons And Tactics teams. The book outlines two six-week programs of calisthenics, weights, and speed drills and a twelve-week program designed to keep physical performance at a top level, in a reference complemented by demonstrative photographs and nutrition tips.

Here is an all in one workout program that will help you

1 - Enter the police profession to prepare you for police academy type fitness

2 - Enter into federal, local SWAT / ERT teams with a proven program to increase your fitness level and get you SWAT selection ready

3 - Maintain SWAT Level fitness for optimal performance in flexibility, strength, agility, and endurance.


Testimonial: I wanted to thank you for your swat workout. I am a 51-year-old firefighter /paramedic /peace officer trying to become a tactical paramedic. I am on my third six weeks of the SWAT candidate workout and have gone from 235 to 189 in weight. I could not climb the 28 ft rope on the o course, but I conquered it a week ago. I just made the team, and they are sending me to schools for tactical medic and swat in the next two months. I'm sure you have plenty of great testimonials about your books, but I wanted to give you one more and say that I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Thanks again


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