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The Industrial Athlete - Manual Labor Jobs Require Special Attention Too

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 The Industrial Athlete - Manual Labor Jobs Require Special Attention

As with anything we do, we start to get good at certain habits we create throughout our lives, but there may be a time when your body starts to outgrow those habits.  Yes - in other words - if all goes well, you will be older on this Earth longer than you will be younger. And many of the things we did in our teens and twenties, you cannot do anymore (see NEW RULES as they apply to everyone). 

Jobs that require steady movement like standing or walking long hours, heavy lifting, balance, grip, climbing, crawling, twisting, carrying, dragging, and bending in often dangerous environments requires a form of athleticism that is similar to the tactical athlete. Introducing the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE. The athlete who is skilled in the physical challenges of employment.

Do you think of yourself as an athlete?

I remember back in the 80s when I first joined the military, I noticed that the only people who considered themselves athletes were those playing games and still competing in athletic events. The community of military, as well as police and fire, did not consider themselves athletes, even though the job was very physical (in most cases). Since then, the term TACTICAL ATHLETE has evolved and though there is still work to be done, though the thought process of the athleticism in the tactical space is widely accepted. 

I had a discussion with David Irons (former Army Ranger Sniper) and Kevin Winn (former pro baseball player / coach) and now Executive Director of Health Work Medical Kinesiology Services and Kinesiologist / Physical Therapy.

Creating educational programming and physical health training for our work force in challenging professions. The comparison and contrast of the tactical athlete and the industrial athlete are similar and only differ in mission. The physical challenges and personal goals and desires are very similar. Check out how these specialists are helping the work force that controls the vital shipping arteries of our country. 

 Some Key Take-Away's from the Discussion 

We all have a life outside of our work and we want to be able to enjoy it. Don't let your fitness level be a work place injury or prevent you from helping yourself or your co-workers when accidents occur when in potentially dangerous environments. 

Understanding ergonomics matters as you will have decreased work-related injuries & OSHA issues, Improved work efficiency, Improved employee satisfaction, Identification of risk factors, Improved worksite safety.

If injured, you will have typically a quicker return to work process, but preventing injuries and accidental deaths on the job is the ultimate goal of being more fitness oriented. 

Get good at the basics.  Some basic warmups and stretches can go a long way with starting your day when you know you will be challenged physically.  Stretches during the day and proper movement and carrying of equipment are work place experience skills that need to be learned quickly. 

In the end, be a healthy example for your family and be able to work longer in your life by taking care of yourself while you are young, so you can be the OG on the job setting the example. 

Where to Find More Home Gym Workouts?

This is just a few of the many benefits people without gym access gain when it comes to using calisthenics and seeing performance improvements. Why risk stop training because you don’t have a gym when you can avoid wasted effort and money? Take the time to educate yourself on the proper methods to adding calisthenics into your training program. In the future, when you start lifting again, you can always add it to your training again whenever you feel like you need a cycle of lighter weights and more cardio. We do this every Spring / Summer using my Seasonal Tactical Fitness Periodization System. 

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