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Portable Squat Rack and Home Made Sandbag, Jugs, and Buckets

Stew smith

Portable Squat Rack and Home Made Sandbags and Much Much More (if you are creative)

When it comes to inexpensive ideas to add to your training, the new portable squat rack I just made that fits on local pullup bars and the homemade sandbag are two classics.  You can also add 5 gallon buckets of sand or water as well as 5 gallon water jugs to add to your outdoor gym as well. Sometimes, you cannot wait on the weight room and need something to get stuff done! These ideas came out of necessity for outdoor workouts we do with fairly large groups. 

Check out these fun and creative ways to get after it:

My New Squat Rack!

Here is all you need: (plus a sturdy place to hang them)

- 2 x 4 ft pieces of chain (1/4" Type 304, Stainless Steel Chain)
- 2 x oval carabiners (304 Stainless Steel Carabiner Oval Screwlock Quick Link Lock Ring)
- 2 x 3/8 Clevis Slip Hooks


NOTE:  Depending on the pullup bar width, you may have to adjust the weight as we did in the picture, but if the pullup bars with a foot less wide the weight would fit perfect in between the structure (*until we added more weight). 

The Sand Baby 

We call these sand babies, because you have to take care of them and not drop them.  We make these with a $5 bag of play sand and some duct tape. Here is how you do it.

Take about 10 lbs of sand out of a small hole in the top of the sand bag. Now you have a 40lb sand bag that needs some compacting and securing.  Roll the top where the small hole is around itself and start duct taping it.  You may go through two rolls of duct tape until it is solid. In the end it should look like this:

These sand-babies are great for Push Presses, Chest Carry Lunges, Chest Carry Situps, Shoulder carry squats, and runs too. In fact, we use these to simulate log pt.  Check out the Sand Baby Murph Workout!!

5 Gallon Bucket / WaterJugs


These are classic military grade water jugs and standard hardware 5 gallon buckets that carry over 40 lbs of water in them.  You can do all kind of carries and lifts with these devices.  Just add hills, stairs, and the farmerwalk exercise with two of these in your hands will work the lungs, legs, and grippers. 

Add The Above to Your Calisthenics, TRX, Weight Vest Workouts

You can keep doing calisthenics but add in some new ideas to keep it fresh as these can replace dumbbells, barbells / racks, and add to other equipment such at the TRX and weight vests / plate carriers to top off your home gym collection. 

Try Some of These Classics With Your New Toys

The PT Pyramid is a classic among classic calisthenics workouts and is so versatile, I actually wrote a book on my favorite 100 Pyramid Workouts coming out later in 2020. 

PT Pyramid - Pullups, Pushups, Situps (abs of choice), Dips 

PT Progression #2 is the SUPER SET: This is another sub-​​max effort foundation workout to increase volume of your PT exercises. It is recommended to add this type of workout and replace a pyramid workout once a week so you only total these upper body workouts only THREE times a week. Learn how to design a SUPER SET effectively.

PT Progression #3 is the Max Rep Set Workout: Once you have mastered the PT Pyramid and the Super Set and can handle workouts with volume of 100 pullups and 200 pushups, then it is time to test your new found strength and muscle stamina. This workout will increase your muscle stamina and endurance which is really the goal of mastering PT tests. Find out how to push your numbers even higher with this Murph like workout program.  Add Squats to any of these and it is a great Memorial Day Murph Prep program. 

Top Ten Pyramid Workouts - Some classics to choose from when you need new ideas. 

But one of my latest creations is called the Calisthenics and Cardio - No Equipment Needed Guide For Body Weight Exercisers and maybe a good option for people of all fitness levels to stay home or get outside and train.

Here is what you get with this BOOK or EBOOK:

- A 30 Day Beginner Chart to get moving again - TRUE BEGINNERS.

- A Six Week Intermediate program that progresses with miles of running and meters of swimming as cardio options along with building a calisthenics base. 

- An Eight Week Advanced Spec Ops Level PST prep cycle that will focus not only on the PST, but many of the other exercises seen in grinder PTs and beat down activities (Bear crawls, fireman carries, lunges, etc). 

NEED TO REPLACE SWIMMING?  There will be swimming involved as a cardio option - but you can replace swimming with a variety of idea - See Swimming Replacement Ideas

Get the BOOK today.  We will drop ship the book from the printer service - expect 5-7 days before arrival.   If you want the EBOOK - see link: Calisthenics and Cardio Workout EBOOK

Consider buying today at get 15% off using the MILITARY15 coupon code at check out for all books and ebooks. 

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