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Patience Means Preparing - Not Waiting...

Stew Smith

Patience is a Virtue:
Good Things Come to Those Who Wait - Right?  Wrong!

We have heard this saying all of our lives, while it is true that patience is a virtue, waiting around for something to happen is NOT getting you to where you want to go.  We have also heard "good things come to those who wait." While true in some cases, for the most part - especially with goal achievement - good things come to those who bust their ass everyday, building good habits, discipline, persistently getting better physically, mentally, morally, or spiritually for what the future holds. 

Patience IS a virtue - but what does that mean?  If you practice patience with others, yourself, your current situation, and future goals and not get frustrated, lose focus on the task at hand, and can utilize your time wisely, you are building confidence and faith in yourself / others / God. However, if you jump to conclusions, or do an activity that you are not mentally or physically prepared for yet just because you can, you are not mature enough to have patience. For instance,if you cannot sit still, but still do not accomplish anything, you are not making use of your needed preparation time for any journey.

What Does Patience Give You? 

Patience gives you time. Time gives you the ability to progress. Progression with your training and education builds a smarter, tougher, more durable person that can now actually have the tools to handle long stressful days and nights whether it is rigorous academics or physical screening / selection programs in special ops units. 

So, there is a place for patience in your spec ops preparation. Patience also displays maturity. Maturity helps you realize and assess your true weaknesses NOW vs discovering them when it is too late (typically during a test, under stress, and the weight of your journey.) 

How Important is Patience?

Patience allows you to develop resilience (the ability to handle stress better), durability, work capacity, discipline, and even builds mental toughness. You build all of these over time - which patience allows for. You build all of these through logical progressions which patience allows for. And you build a better foundation for growth and upping your game to new levels that will be required of you along your journey of challenging goals. In the end, patience allows for you to build confidence in your abilities through these stress inoculations of preparation. 

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Finally, you cannot get good at everything without patience.  Strengthening your weaknesses through constant assessment, maintaining your strengths, and learning new skills is the basis of becoming a tactical athlete in any military, police, or fire fighting profession.  See diagram for more info on what you need to develop to high levels and how they all work together to make you a resilient person with longevity. 

Start Getting Ready Now!

Don't Set a Timeline - Set a Performance Starting Line:  The timeline differs for everyone to truly be prepared. Over 50% of the people who attend these programs are grossly under-prepared physically which will quickly downgrade your mental confidence in your decision to be there. 

There are programs that will save a lot of money from coaching and to be honest help test self motivation / discipline.

Do Your Research on the Process to Join the Military  - This will keep you busy.

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