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USNA Summer Seminar Virtual Morning PT with Stew Smith


This year was a first for many of us. The first of many virtual anythings took place this year and the Naval Academy Summer Seminar program was no different. Normally we do these workouts with 800 high school students (candidates) for three sessions of Summer Seminar on a big field all counting loudly in unison, but this year was different but my workout was not.  Here is what we did:

USNA Summer Seminar Workouts for Summer Seminar Participants

This is a NO equipment needed workout you can join me in your house. Typically, we do this workout on a big field with all your fellow classmates and resembles group workouts you will see in Plebe Summer.

Warmup: * cadence pushups now the test, Plank pose, BUT situps still part of the CFA as well as all the Spec ops Level PSTs so - you have to practice them as well.  We will do both today. Simulate running with JJ, lunges, (treadmill, bike, etc)…

  • 10 pushups, 10 squats, 30s jumping jacks / rope (run up/down stairs)
  • 20 pushups, 20 squats, 45s jumping jacks / rope (run up/down stairs)
  • 30 pushups, 30 squats, 1 min jumping jacks / rope (run up/down stairs)
  • Light stretch throughout each set.

PT Recovery / Reset:  Balance out PT test muscles

Situps – 1 min (pace yourself)
Rev Push-ups: 20
Birds: 20
Arm haulers: 10
Swimmers: 1 minute.

Death by Pushups! 10 min plank with pushups EMOM
Pyramid or 10 reps each minute (Intermediate / advanced options)

Topics:  minimum standards, importance of fitness, changes in military pt test exercises (situps / plank)
cadence pushups, use these next few months to crush the CFA, SPORTS, and after sports, start training for Plebe Summer (running, calisthenics, learning about USN / USMC, ranks etc)

PT Reset / Recovery:  Balance out PT test muscles

            Situps 1 min (pace yourself)
            Rev Push-ups: 20
            Birds: 20
            Arm haulers: 10
            Swimmers: 1 minute

Repeat 3-4 times
30s jumping jacks / rope (run up/down stairs)
Lunges 10/leg
Flutterkicks 25

Additional Exercises for CFA Preparation:

Repeat 3 times
Pullups max
Shuttle run 120ft (4 x 30 ft) sprints

Basketball Throw – 3 times / stretch in between throws

Running – 1 mile run – master your goal pace ( 4 x 400m runs learn your pace)

Good luck senior year…

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Once The CFA Is Completed...

I hope you get accepted!  Once you do, the program requirements are still similar but with some differences as discussed above:

Here's the answer for solving this issue with Crushing the PT Test once and for all. If you really want to serve your country and community, this the PFT Bible book or ebook as it is updated with the latest PT test changes lays it all out for you!

What makes the PFT Bible so versatile that you can use it for many of the tactical professions?  Well, most PT Tests involve pushups, situps / crunches or plank poses, and running.  Some will also have pullups as well as shuttle runs or sprints.  This program is specifically designed to help people with the most standard PT Test around:  Pushups, Situps / Crunches, and 1.5 mile timed runs.  BUT it also incorporates short distance running, plank poses, pullups, and even leg tucks (knee ups) to add to a more well rounded training program. 

Check it out here the EBOOK or the BOOK Version and get started today and if you are considering the Army, make sure you prepare properly for the new fitness test as it will no longer be pushups, situps, 2 mile run after 2020.  
Navy / Air Force / CG / Police Tests

New Army Combat Fitness Test




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