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New Year - New You? No - How About New Year - New Habits, Growth, and Mindset!

Stew smith

Are You Tired of This Cliché?

There Is No "New You" - Just New Habits

There is no real reason why you have to start a change on a New Year.  In fact, I recommend you do not use the work resolution as that word will last only for about two weeks and it is no longer in our vocabulary. But a new year is just as good as any day to start on a new journey to better yourself. 

Consistency Wins - Every Time

If you really want a "New You" it comes down simply to consistency.  Your consistent work has to be the creation of new habits, perhaps even the disposal of an old habit or two, in order to be effective with any goal acheivement. The big question is are you "motivated to get started"?  Many are motivated to get started, but most fail to evolve the motivation into next level of growth by being consistent with a few new habits.

Here is How the Evolution to Goal Achievement Works

Motivation - We are all motivated at some point in our lives to find a way to change our current situation and cirumstances.  Whether this is weight loss or career change, or physical and educational achievements, it all starts with motivation and finding some passion to follow a journey of change. However, this motivation is short lasting and needs to evolve to the next level through consistency of habit.

Building Habits - I have often stated it takes two habits to achieve a goal, one you have to start and one you have to quit.  It really is true and your consistent work helps you build these habits while you are motivated.  The reason why building some momentum at the start of your journey is there will be a day that you are not motivated to do anything constructive. But when you do something anyway - even when you do not feel like it - that is when motivation has evolved.

Discipline - Every day you do not feel like it but you manage to get something done that keeps you on the path of you achieving your goal, you have just added a scoup of discipline to your life. It could be cold, wet, and cause overwhelming discomfort, but you do it and become stronger that day both mentally and physically. Once you start to see how discipline added to your day enhances all aspects of your life, the easier it is to do the hard and difficult the next time. The next step of this evolution is mental toughness. 

Mental Toughness - Some call it Your Will or Your Passion to endure the hard and challenging, but know that it is every bit of your physical ability as it is your mental ability and resolve. This "grit" that many refer to it as is obtained one day at a time through getting things done when you did not feel like starting them in the first place.  You are now successful at turning off the "quit demon"  or "inner bitch" in your head to OFF.  During this repeating process you will be tested and the question of how bad you want it will have to be answered. How you answer that question determines that you still are in the game another day. 

Seeing is Believing - If you see someone successful on the same journey you are on, it is a powerful moment if you use it properly and not let jealousy enter the mental conversation with yourself.  Seeing someone go before you is way of rationalizing to yourself to get out of the comfort zone and say "if he/she can do it - so can I." Keep moving and learn from their successes, failures, and mistakes as they may share them if you ask. 

These are a few of the many common traits of those who have gone before us, and have succeeded.  Seeing those who have reached their goals helps strengthen the inner voice that says what you are enduring is possible. "Now go do it one day at a time! Make today Day One! Not ONE DAY. Get started now...and for FREE (See below):

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Good luck and keep the questions coming. Hope the ideas come in handy. For more ideas check out the Article Section of my Website. 

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