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It is a New Fiscal Year - Time To Get Physically Responsible (Yes I Went There - lol)

Stew smith

Get a Head Start on the New Year and Make Today DAY ONE - Not One Day 

     TF 40+ Beginner Guide   |     90 Day Beginner Plan - Time to Get to Work

The title was a Dad Joke post that most people in my family cringed when they read it, but that is why I do Dad Jokes. If you understand that logic maybe you are also in a situation where you need to actually take that advice. It does not take long to get out of the habit of training regularly, BUT good news! It does not take that long to get back INTO the habit of training either. 

Make Today Day 1 - Not One Day! 

 Here is What YOU Need To Know
- Fitness Fundamentals For Beginners -  

Do you want to be fit again and in less pain?  We ALL do. How about getting healthier medical reports, feeling better, looking better, and fit like you used to be?  Is this something you want to do again? But how?  Have you experienced failure with getting in shape due to injuries and not being able to squeeze fitness into your schedule? Are you a little frightened of continuing down this same old path of failing to train and missing out on ways to have good health and fitness?

Well, here's some good news for a change... 
First, you're not alone!

Second, did you know these things happen to all of us? We all deal with aches and pains and busy schedules.  It's true. In fact, what's holding you back is not having access to effective programming and good training equipment or knowing how to use what you already have available.

The underlying issue here is not knowing how to get in shape again without pain and to actually treat yourself like a beginner again when starting over, NOT your will power, your intelligence, or your lack of ability.  Stop blaming yourself and learn how to do this one step at a time. 

And the even better news is that The 90 Day Beginner Plan and / or the Tactical Fitness 40+ program for beginners is available! Now you can do something about this issue with Fitness for Beginners or those recovering from injury. If you're a man or woman who needs to start training again who wants to get healthier, feel better, look better naked, and fit like you used to be, check out this Check out the New Rules for Fitness Over 40 or for Beginners / Those recovering from injury at the Beginner Programs by - It'll blow your mind – because it works with minimal effort. REALLY…

Fitness Training Secrets - 90 Day Beginner Plan and Tactical Fitness 40+ (Rebuilding)


Game Changing Workout

GAME CHANGER - Add a mobility day each week – This one is actually life changing for me personally and allows me to be pain free even after 50 years old while still training with a group of 20 year old tactical athlete students (spec ops level). You can either replace a typical challenging workout with this mobility or add it to a day off each week. It is simple but effective.  See routine options below:

  • Repeat 5 times 
    Bike, elliptical, row, or swim 5 minutes
    Foam roll, stretch, car buffer massage 5 minutes

    Regardless of your goals, the mobility day added to mid to late week will enhance the later workouts of the week or weekend and help you walk out of the gym feeling no pain! If you feel you need it, do the mobility day two times in a week.
  • Learn how to foam roll, stretch daily, car buffer – That is right!  A car buffer (small hand car buffer made by Ryobi for $30 at Home Depot) is what I use to get a deep vibration that is soothing to the muscles.  This must be an orbital / vibrating car buffer not a rotary (spinning) car buffer. Apply to joints, muscles, lower back for near immediate soothing effects.  But stretching and a foam roller should be the mandatory parts of this rule – DAILY.

  • New tools for becoming more mobile and in less pain: 

Part 1 - Foundation Building (12 weeks) (book / ebook)

Part 2 - Taking it to the Next Level (12 weeks) (book / ebook)

Part 3 - Ready to Compete (12 weeks) (book / ebook)

Part 4 – Tactical Fitness For the Athlete Over 40 (16 weeks) (book / ebook)

Check out the Stew Smith Fitness Store for more information on what we have available. 

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Personalized Training Programs
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