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EBOOK - Tactical Fitness (40+) Ready to Compete
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EBOOK - Tactical Fitness (40+) Ready to Compete

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Updated Nov 2021

Attention all Tactical Athletes Over 40 who want to enjoy intense workouts to increase strength, recover faster, and even avoid injuries. This is part THREE of the Tactical Fitness (40+) series that focuses on the intermediate / advanced level fitness levels, but also enables the athlete to maneuver the challenges of injury, rest, recovery, mobility, and even weight loss considerations. The Four Part TF40+ Series is:

- Tactical Fitness 40+ Foundation Rebuilding (Beginners or Injured)

- Tactical Fitness 40+ Taking It To The Next Level (Intermediate)

- Tactical Fitness 40+ Ready to Compete (Intermediate / Advanced)

- Tactical Fitness for the Athlete Over 40: Actively Pursuing Recovery and Maintenance (Advanced)

One thing that is recommended when you are increasing your fitness to upper-intermediate to advanced levels is - Periodization. Tactical Fitness periodization focuses on never neglecting ANY element of fitness. In fact, the goal is to engage all the elements of fitness such as: strength, power, muscle stamina, speed, agility, endurance, mobility and flexibility arranged throughout the year, so you do not burnout, or neglect, any one element of fitness.

• Stew Smith's major breakthrough with recovery and maintenance, running and non-impact cardio, eating to train as well as lose weight or maintain current weight.

• How the world of tactical fitness is different now than when you were 20.

• Why every Tactical Athlete Over 40 should learn about recovery and periodization training.

• Our bodies hormones are changing which can affect many of the things we took for granted twenty years ago – like eating, sleeping, energy levels and more.

• However, we do get wiser each year as our years of experience has taught us, through pain usually, as well as prior successes, that we can still be highly active but there are some new considerations.

You will never know what you have to endure in the future. Train to be ready for anything. Gain confidence in your abilities and create a baseline of fitness that you know you are a capable person who when required can perform at a moment’s notice. This is the same mentality the tactical professionals have. Coupled with this ability and the will to drop everything in an instant to help others in distress that they do not even know, make the military, police, and fire fighters special. Just having a little bit of that ability will help us all to save ourselves or others when needed. This is Tactical Fitness - Living to fight another day!

Grab your copy of “Tactical Fitness (40+): Ready to Compete ” (part 3) today


IF YOU PREFER THE BOOK VERSION, SEE Tactical Fitness 40+ Ready to Compete BOOK link. 

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