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The Super Bowl of Military Recruiting Commercials (Top Ten)

Stew smith

The Super Bowl of
Military Recruiting Commercials

*Though in magazine form, this 1987 All Hands Magazine also gets a mention before we move into television media marketing.*

If the U.S. Military advertised during the Super Bowl, these would be in the running for the caliber of commercial that makes the cut. 

Given that this is the Super Bowl weekend, I thought about many of the engaging commercials that will be appearing this year and then my brain did a military history data dump of all the favorite military commercials through the years.

Check these out!  Pretty fun romp through history with some motivating commercials too. 

Honorable Mention:  Army Pilot Commercial:  High School to Flight School -(video) How cool is that?  Flying gun ships before the age of 20!  Teens in the 80s flocked to this one after high school. 

#10 - Coast Guard - There are many thankless jobs out there - the Coast Guard is not one of them. Cool video commercial showing saving people's lives in dangerous situations.  (Video link)

#9 - US Navy - Accelerate Your Life - Life on the deck of an aircraft carrier is accelerated for sure, but the LIfe, Liberty, and the Pursuit of ALL Those Who Threaten it - hits hard!  Go Navy! (Video link)

#8 - US Navy from Sea to Stars - SEALs, SWCC, EOD Divers, Submarines, Surface Ships, Pilots all getting it done in this cool commercial showing the Navy Team. (video link)

#7 - Air Force Special Warfare / Pilot Commercial - This one is fairly new but hardcore, like the groundfighting forces of the Air Force Special Warfare Community.  Having an A-10 doing its thing is a big plus in this combat scene. (video link)

#6 - Army Navy Game Video:  This is a classic historical ride through generations of young Americans deciding to serve their country and attend one of the service academies.  This was the 2017 Army Navy Game Opening Video.  Instant Classic! (Video link)

#5: Army Air Drop / Coffee Sip:  True Classic!  Be All That You Can Be!  "We do more by 9am than most people do all day".  Get it done Army!  This one made you think you could always work harder.  (video link)

#4: USMC Full Circle - After some comments from Marines, the Full Circle Commercial belongs here and we will let the Marine fighting a lava monster slide into history.  (video link)

 #3 - US Army Ranger Commercial from the 80s:  I remember this one when I was a teen and had a few guys from my high school who were older than me become Rangers.  Hardcore dudes! (video link)

#2 - USMC Knight Commercial:  Always thought the USMC had the coolest uniforms and the relating military service to being a knight was way too cool!
(video link)

WE HAVE A TIE FOR NUMBER ONE! My original posting neglected one that I now remember as another Navy classic. Thanks to Tom Short, my USNA and BUDS classmate for this late submission.

#1a - A Dude is Buying a Minivan Right Now (lol) - This one hurts deep if you have a minivan. But it is classic in your face Navy: (link to video)

#1b - Navy SEAL Footprints on the Beach:  Of course I am biased, but after I saw this one I wanted to go through BUDS all over again.  Just a timeless classic for SEAL recruiters. (video link)

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