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Tactical Fitness 40+ Options (book, ebook, Amazon)

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In the tactical professions, fitness can be the difference between life and death and we will be older for a longer period of time than we were younger. Learning how to progress into those decades smartly with added longevity training - typically in the form of active recovery days and mobility days is going to increase your abilities and decrease your pain. The following series is a new programming focused on an often neglected age group of active duty and retired veterans of the tactical professions who need to rebuild and take their fitness to the next level in order to enjoy the latter half of their lives.

This 52 Week Cycle for the Tactical Athlete Over 40 costs less than $1 a week in 4 part series and will take you on a journey toward health, wellness, and performance. In a year from now, you will be glad you started today:

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For Beginners or Recovering from Injury

Part 1 - Foundation Building (12 weeks)


Tactical Fitness (40+) Foundation Rebuilding - Recovery from Injury or Inactivity (Part 1). This new beginner plan forces you to "treat yourself like a beginner." Even if you do not feel like it, giving yourself a few weeks to easily work your way back into the weight room or any fitness program will pay off and help you rebuild after a long period of inactivity.  
Book  Ebook  |  Amazon Kindle / Paperback  



Ready to Advance Your Fitness? 
Part 2 - Taking it to the Next Level (12 weeks)







 Tactical Fitness (40+) - Taking It To The Next Level (Part 2) - Are you ready to advance your fitness level? Well, Taking It To The Next Level after Rebuilding the Foundation (Part 1) is what this 12 week program is all about. Are you Ready to Advance Your Fitness? Book  Ebook  |  Amazon Kindle / Paperback

Preparing For the Next Challenge - Part 3 - Ready to Compete (12 weeks)

Tactical Fitness (40+) - Ready to Compete - (Part 3) (Intermediate / Advanced levels) – After you have progressed through the previous phases, you may be ready for something new.  Maybe a new challenge or “up your game” to a level that pushes you physically, but also focuses on stress relief and recovery after tough workouts. 
Book   |   eBook  |  Amazon

Part 4 – Tactical Fitness For the Athlete Over 40 (16 weeks)

Tactical Fitness For The Athlete Over 40 - Actively Pursuing Recovery and Maintenance - This is part 4 of the above series that is rather advanced but still focused on adding in an easy day and / or mobility day to the week as a way to recover in the middle of the week. This will enable for a better workout number 4,5, or 6 as the week moves into the weekend.  Running every OTHER day with non-impact cardio will reduce stress on the knees. Use of non-impact cardio and swimming pool for mobility is helpful as well.

Book  Ebook  |  Amazon Kindle / Paperback 

Check out the best-selling series release for fitness over 40. The NEW Rules For Fitness Over Forty are an excellent eye opener to what you maybe missing. Created by Stew Smith CSCS, former Navy SEAL and 50 year old. Working through the history of a young life of athletics, into the military, advancing into the special ops world can be painful.  Learn how to adjust your training to reduce pain and gain performance and perhaps even be better than you were in your teens and twenties.

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