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Death By Pushups, Pullups, and Bear Crawl? Weird Name but OK...

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Weird Names But Fun and Effective Challenges
(Push Perceived LImits / Even Tap Into Mental Toughness)

One thing these type of workouts do is make you dig deep and ask yourself, how bad do you want to finish this 10 minute test? Expand them to 15 or 20 minutes and you are taking this challenge to the next level. Check out these three fun challenges that sound much tougher than they are.  Anytime someone names a workout and uses the word "death" in it, it has a way of turning people off for some reason. (?) In reality the three rather monotonous workouts I am sharing in this "Death by" series are for pushing yourself with pullups, pushups, planks, burpees and bear crawls.  It does require a level of going to your "happy place" in order to get through these without having to stop and rest.  Here they are in order of easiest to hardest:

Death By Pushups - Actually a better title for this one is Death by Plank Pose as the pushups are actually a rest from the isometric flex of a plank.  It works like this:

Do a 10 minute plank. Every minute on the minute (EMOM) do 10 pushups for a total of a 10 min plank and 100 pushups. If you need a easier pushup option, try the pyramid or cutting the reps to 5 reps EMOM. The pyramid is progressively tougher as you do the number of pushups EMOM for that minute you are on. If you can do all 10 minutes - you get 55 pushups.

*You can do side planks, up pushup position, even some up/down dog poses if you have to - just do not go to your knees, lie down, or get out of that horizontal position for 10 minutes. 

Death by Pullups - Actually a better title for this one is Death by Burpees as the pullups are a "rest" from the 10 minute burpee. 

Do a 10 minute burpees session but EMOM do a set of pullups in between 5-10 reps. If you need an easier options try the pyramid or cutting the reps to fit your ability EMOM. 

*Stay close to the pullup bar while doing burpees and make a quick transition from doing burpees to doing pullups (5 seconds roughly). Get your reps, then go back to burpees for the remainder of the minute until pullup time again. 

Death By Bear Crawl - In the spirit of the above workouts, the following is by far the toughest as you bear crawl for 10 minutes, but EMOM you do 10 pushups then continue bear crawling. Having a set of pullups nearby is a nice stretch every 5 minutes or so if going longer, but this one is much tougher than the plank EMOM.  In fact, you can consider the bear crawl just a more dynamic plank pose.

One of the crowd favorite workout sections we do at the Naval Academy Summer Seminar is a Death by Pushups - 10 min plank. The reason why we do this is because it is tough, pushes the group, and helps people prepare for the future Navy fitness test (plank and pushups) should they attend the Naval Academy. 


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