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Swimming with Fins - How and What Kind of Fins for Spec Ops Prep?

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Swimming with Fins - We Do This On Leg Days (Get Used to It)


This week, I received a frequently asked question about swimming with fins. Swimming with fins during rigorous military training like BUD/S, Coast Guard HRSS, Air Force SpecWar, RECON/ MarSOC Training, Army Ranger / SF training, or many law enforcement SWAT programs is required in open water tests. Also, see our YouTube, Instagram Reels, and Tiktok for more info see the CSS to learn more about the technique of the combat swimmer stroke, Lead Arm - Trail Arm, and other swim events in your spec ops future: 

More info on the Combat Swimmer Stroke

The type of fins you should use when swimming in open water for any of these professions is a strong SCUBA-type fin that can also substitute for SCUBA diving. Getting your ankles used to the strain of the kick takes a few weeks of 500-1000m swims, but the initial pain will go away as long as you incorporate swimming with fins regularly into your program. You will need to wear booties with these fins and not be able to use these fins barefoot. 

Here is the email question from a young man preparing for BUD/S by swimming with a newly purchased pair of fins.

Recently I bought a pair of Rocket fins and booties. Until now, I have been using soft fins for your workouts, and I have been able to fin 1 mile in under 30 minutes with soft fins. With rocket fins, however, it feels much more awkward and painful. My arm pulls propel me more than the flutter kicks with rocket fins.

1. Is there a specific technique for fining with rocket fins? Does the kick have to be a certain width? It seems that bigger kicks give me a stop/start movement and interrupt my momentum, but while smaller ones give me constant movement, they still don't propel me that fast.

There is a technique to swimming with big fins, but no one best way as we all have different kick strengths. I have found that athletes in sports like football and soccer may not be the best swimmers without fins, but when they place a pair of SCUBA fins on their legs, they are faster than most people in the class. They have well-developed leg and hip strength and can use bigger kicks to build speed. Some athletes with less strong legs/hips tend to swim fast still but are required to kick using smaller kicks at a faster pace. You have to find out what works best for you. You will want to learn how to swim on both sides as well. Learning to swim on both sides offers a form of “rest” by changing the pull–push stride of your left/right leg.

One corrective issue many have is it looks like they are riding a bicycle when finning - it should be from the hips and only very little knee bend. If it feels like you are riding a bike - you are doing it wrong.

Here is the way you swim at BUDS (CSS with fins) and at Air Force Special Warfare Training (LATA with fins)

As far as arm pulls and breathing, as pictured in the video, the arm pull can be used as another method of propulsion, especially if you need to rest your legs by skipping a few kicks throughout a long-distance swim. Many people like to do a slight pause of kicking when breathing and recovering the arms forward again to remain streamlined. As with any swimming, recovering your arms should remain stream-lined and not an obstacle to forward motion. 

2. The fins seem to cause pain in my feet and ankle after a couple hundred yards and stiffness up my shins' front and side muscles. Is this just a matter of conditioning and getting my feet used to wearing these fins?

It is a matter of conditioning and ankle mobility. When first wearing fins while swimming, you should only swim a few hundred yards and push slightly past discomfort in the ankle and shin area. Do not push too hard and for too long at first, as overuse injuries like tendonitis in the feet and knees can flare up, causing you only to be able to swim or run with severe discomfort or injury. This process usually takes about 10-15 swims or two to three weeks of swimming with fins. Swimming 500m with fins is recommended; if they bother you, take off the fins and swim 500m without, then try fins one more time until discomfort returns. Do this for a few weeks, adding greater distances each time you swim.

3. Do you recommend a particular SCUBA fin before training for BUD/S?

You are good to go as long as you have SCUBA diving fins that require you to wear booties (versus slip-on bare feet flippers). I used my old SCUBA fins before BUDS, and they transitioned nicely when issued Rocket Fins or Jet Fins. So you can use what you have or get the Rocket or Jet Fins. I personally like the CRESSI Frog Fin, and it is what I swim with today. Now they will use either Jet Fins or Rocket Fins. I prefer the Jet Fins, which are more flexible than Rocket Fins. 


                                     Buy SCUBA Booties from Amazon

My best advice is to find a SCUBA store to get fitted for the size you need and get them on eBay. There are dozens of these fins on eBay at over half the price. 

Good luck with adding fins to your swim workouts. It takes time to get comfortable, so do not feel weak if you can only swim a few hundred yards the first time you wear a “real” pair of fins. Feel free to email me if you have any questions at 

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