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1BOOK - RECON / MarSOC Workout
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1BOOK - RECON / MarSOC Workout

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NEW UPDATED 2023 - This workout focuses on mastering the USMC PFT so you can qualify for advanced programs like RECON MarSOC as well as the advanced pre-training required to get INTO and THROUGH these Special Ops schools.

Marines are tough! Get in even better shape than the average Marine and go for RECON and / or MarSOC! This program will help you with swimming, running, PT, weights, and ruck marching and ACE the RECON Indoc PT test!!

This workout not only prepares you for RPAT and RPAT, but all phases of the RECON Course as well as MARSOC Selection / Assessment. We have had many successful graduates of both programs using this workout.

_________See testimonial from RECON Marine_______

"First of all I want to thank you for the fitness information you provide for all walks of life. I've been in the Marine Corps coming up on 8 years now and I have found myself in phase 2 at the Basic Reconnaissance Course. I've been trying to get into this community since I was a boot in the fleet and the last couple years I have totally dedicated myself to obtaining the title Recon Marine. I purchased your Recon Prep a while back and I can't preach about it enough. I tell all of my Marines about the program, the design of the program is amazing and by following the program it has allowed me to push myself beyond my old limitations and I now find myself beating the younger Marines in almost all events to include the pool and long rucks (with bad knees) So again thank you! As I mentioned above I'm in phase 2 of BRC which is our Amphib phase down at NAB Coronado."

For such a hardcore course of instruction a bonus six week plan is placed into the workout to better prepare RECON candidates.

This is a BOOK that will be mailed.

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