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Answering Questions About Online Coaching (for any goal)

Stew smith

Personalized Online Fitness Coaching 
from Stew Smith CSCS 
"I have been doing personalized online coaching over 20 years now!"

In case you're not aware of it, Online Coaching with Stew Smith CSCS is personalized online fitness coaching that helps you to have a fitness training plan in place each week. Your feedback each week helps me build the following week of training and we discuss how each week is going. I make the personalized plan fit into your week and adheres to your number of days per week, time per day to train, your equipment available, facilities to use, and of course your current fitness level and future goals.

Here is a recent question someone asked about it.

Hello Stew, I was looking into your training programs and saw that you offered personal coaching online and was curious as to how this would differ from you written programs you sell as published books or ebooks. I am considering a few books, but was wondering what the key differences between the two programs. Would the training be more tailored to what my fitness levels are at the moment? Will I progress each week from there? Thanks, Stacy. 

My Answer: A book is not a personalized program that fits your abilities, facilities, time per day/days per week. They work well but may need some adaptations. It is a generic plan but very affordable to most people. 

My PT CLUB / Premium Plans are made for YOU. Not just focusing on whatever your goals are but that process each week will depend on your current strengths and weaknesses. For instance, say you had a goal of going to SEAL Training: 

Do you need to lift because you grew up an endurance athlete? Do you need
to do more nonimpact cardio and a gentle run progression because you are
an overweight powerlifting football player with no endurance and susceptible
to shin splints?

Both candidates have the same goal of getting to and through BUDS - but two different programming methods. But to be honest, most of my PT club members are older guys (some women too) just trying to get in shape and
about 10-20% spec ops candidates and active duty military, police, and firefighters.

Stew Smith CSCS
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If You Are Serious About Consistency in Your Training (follow the steps)...

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 Online Coaching 
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What is the Difference between the PREMIUM and PT Club Versions? 

Premium Online Coaching sold at is a program that I not only create personalized programming for clients, but with this particular service add extra help with regular check-ins from me (texts/calls), presentations, face-to-face chats, phone calls, and texts daily. If you need a training partner I can be there to help you get started and keep moving. Most people who opt for this one need a little extra communication and my time to help with motivation/building discipline and consistency.  

For the PT CLUB, I am less involved in the daily check-in originating from me, but available if you need me regardless of the program you select. The process of creating weekly workouts and your feedback each week enables me to create the following week are still the same. 

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Over the years, I have trained thousands through this program. The best thing about this program is that you and I create the training week, ONE WEEK AT A TIME. Your feedback from the previous week will help create the next week and when life throws a curve ball at your schedule, I am accessible to work around changes in plans and help you with options to keep moving when maybe you would have normally just skipped a training day.

The Big Payoff: 

I am here to help you with motivation, discipline, and accountability. I am that missing piece of assistance some people need to get moving. When people fail with their training programs, it is usually due to a loss of motivation, underdeveloped discipline, good habits, and finally having someone to be accountable to. Building a mind that will push you to train even when you do not feel like it takes time. I am here to be that workout buddy and available when you need me.

What makes these programs special as opposed to other online fitness coaching is at the end of the workout day or week (your choice), your feedback is required to help me create the next week's programming. Understanding your next week's schedule to train and what you are capable of fitting into your day requires you and me to be communicating regularly. This program will not work without that communication so I will never leave you on your own. But you have to answer my emails/texts. 

Something incredible about this personalized online fitness coaching that you might not see at first is you do not lose a week if you want to repeat a particular week. Whether you missed most of the days due to illness or unexpected life circumstances, you will not miss that training week. Even though this is a 12-week plan, it is not a 12-week plan in time. We will repeat previous weeks if needed and we will not be done until you have 12 weeks of workouts in your hand. This may take 12 or 18 weeks - just depends on the issues. Some people like to do each week twice and turn a 12-week program into a 24-week program. It is YOUR plan - I just create it with your information and requests each week. 

Also, some clients have been return customers for 5-10 years. I have even made a few personalized ebooks for those return customers who created a database of 50-100 weeks of workouts that fit their needs perfectly..

Jump on Online Coaching with Stew Smith CSCS now make today DAY ONE, not ONE DAY. 

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