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Ace the FBI Fitness Test - Get Hired to Become a Special Agent!

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The FBI Fitness Test Workout Book from

In case you're not aware of it, The FBI Fitness Test Workout book gives you the keys to crush the FBI PT Test.  Were you recently crushed when you took it for the first time? Don't worry - it happens to almost half of the applicants especialy if you are not used to putting all the events together. But time is tight - so stop wasting time.  This is a program to teach you how to ace the FBI PFT so you can get hired and not have to wait six months again to re-apply.

The FBI Fitness Test Workout, is sold at  Stew Smith Fitness and written by Tactical Fitness Trainer Stew Smith CSCS (Navy SEAL veteran).  The programs sold at help struggling Military, Special Ops, Law Enforcement, and Firefighter candidates get TO and THROUGH intense tactical assessment and selection programs. Using the books, ebooks and online coaching, you will qualify for service in the most competitive tactical professions.

People want this because they are serious about scoring high enough on the PT Test to get accepted into the FBI Academy. Your physical preparedness will be what gets you TO and THROUGH the FBI Agent Test and the Academy training. Check out the FBI Fitness Test Workout to help you with more details of running, sprinting, calisthenics, lifting weight, obstacle courses, and overall preparedness for federal law enforcement training.

Here's the bottom line for you - your weakness is fitness test taking. This PT Test preparation system is what we have tested for over 20 years with amazing results. If you need more work with endurance (good paced running), speed (sprints), and higher repetition calisthenics for muscle endurance, then consider The FBI Fitness Test Workout program.

What makes The FBI Fitness Test Workout special as opposed to other books (even the free options) is you can talk directly to the author and discuss training among other tactical athletes through his website - or his Facebook Group - Stew Smith's Tactical Fitness Training you can join a community of people who are like minded in their fitness and health pursuits.

Something amazing about The FBI Fitness Test Workout that most people don't realize is that is has yielded more than a decade of successful results.  Don't take my word for it. 

“At 29, I decided to change careers and enter the law enforcement field. I was 5'8”, 260 lbs, and unable to complete the State Police PFT. I purchased your FBI Academy / PFT Prep Workout and ritualistically followed it 6 days a week for over six months. When I applied and tested for the State Police, I received superior marks on all levels, and an excellent in the 1.5 mile run. I entered academy at 31 years old and 185 lbs and excelled through the academy. So, thank you for everything you do for today's modern warrior.”

This program is also compatible for over half of the country’s law enforcement programs.  The test is a standard in the federal, state, and local law enforcement communities:

Situps 1 min
300m Sprint
Pushups max reps
1.5 mile timed run
Pullups – not graded

It may look easy, but your success depends on your preparation and getting used to taking this test.

On a side note, The FBI Fitness Test Workout is not for those of you who are not into following fitness programs.  This program is specifically designed to ace the PFT.  You cannot fit this into your body building routine or weight lifting routine.  YOU have to focus on these events if you want to pass these events above the standards of performance you will need to do your job.

The FBI Fitness Test Workout is for you if you have never taken a fitness test or failed to pass your first few FBI PT Tests during recent attempts.  Don't waste another minute doing workouts that do not specifically prepare you for this test.

The thing I love most about this book is this program works! This is the best selling program at  When only 4000 jobs maybe open for the FBI each year, more than 100,000 people will apply to those jobs. Your fitness will get your foot in the door.  Take it seriously - crush the test, then prepare for the following Academy.  This program will help you address your weaknesses.

One thing to be aware of is you have to follow the program.  It is best if followed for 10-12 weeks vs picking and choosing individual workouts.  It is not an a la carte training program.  IT is a tactical fitness test training cycle specially designed for the test. If most of your workouts do not have elements of the test, you are wasting your time.

That's actually not a big deal because building good habits is part of the journey and it takes practice and discipline.  Learning how to follow a program can yield results like you have never seen if struggling making your own workouts.

I personally have used this book to get PT scores up to competitive zone every year.   For our local group, this is our late Summer / early Fall training cycle when we peak on specific fitness tests.  This is just part of our year of periodization training and gets you really good at ALL the elements of fitness testing.

The great news for you is you can buy the program now and get the link into a supportive community is FREE and priceless. EBOOK version too - download.

But when you compare the cost of this book to other training programs. There are many ways to work out.  All work. But this program specifically prepares you for the fitness test FAST.  You will not be wasting your time if you do this program.  If you want a change in your career, this may help you open that door a little wider as you begin that journey..

Jump on The FBI Fitness Test Workout now as you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the FBI Fitness Test. Invest your remaining time training prior to your test date focusing on the specifics of the test. These test elements include strength, speed (sprint), endurance (run), muscle stamina, grip, flexibility and mobility.  Getting good at all of these takes practice. 


What's Next After You Ace the PT Test?
Get Through the Academy
(and maintain your scores of course 

Volume 2- Time to Up Your Game!

For more details Check out Police eBOOKS section and you will see the FBI Fitness Test Workout  alongside the companion workout ebook FBI Test Vol 2 (Prep for the Academy) program.

Now available in APP Format: 


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