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PFT Differences

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In the above workouts the following different exercises were tested:

Height / Weight standards
body fat standards
Flexibility - Toe Touch
Pushups, situps, pullups
500 yard swims
1.5 mile, 2 mile, 3 mile, 5 mile runs
25m-50m underwater swim
120 yard shuttlerun
300m run
Bench press
Bike test
Agility test
Rope climbs
Vertical jump
Obstacle Courses
Work capacity (pack test)
Stair step test

The best way to develop your own PFT is to pick one to three upper body exercises, a lower body exercise and one or two cardiovascular exercises. For instance, in the Navy SEALs, we had to take every six months:

Pushups, situps, pullups test
800m swim
3 mile run

If you have no interest in joining the military but would like to test yourself, here is a PFT I recommend for people to take in order to:

1) check progress periodically
2) create a focus and goal other than weight loss
3) challenge yourself

Exercise # 1: Pushups or Bench press - max reps in 1:00
(*weight for bench press is 50% body weight)

Exercise #2: Situps or crunches - max reps in 2:00

Exercise #3: Pullups - max reps
(assisted or regular pullups)

Exercise #4: Swim, Bike, Walk or Run for time

Exercise #5: Optional
Vertical jump
300m run
Agility test
120 yd shuttle run

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