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DEA Workout

stew smith

This article is written to help prepare people who are seeking to become DEA agents pass the New Agent's Mandatory Physical Fitness Test. The workout you can download is a six week program that ONLY has calisthenics and no weight training to prepare for the PTT. This workout was a request from a future DEA agent that did not have access to a gym and weights.

You will also be required to perform what is called the DEA Special Agents PFT which is:
Max Pull ups (no time limit)
Trainee hangs from a horizontal bar, palms turned away from the face and arms fully extended. As the arms are flexed, the trainee's body is pulled upward until his chin is up to and over the bar. Trainee's body is then lowered back to the hanging position with arms fully extended.

Max Push ups (no time limit)
Trainee begins in the front leaning rest position, hands on the floor, arms fully extended, body held straight with the toes touching the floor. As the arms are flexed. the body is lowered to the floor until the upper arm is parallel to the floor. Trainee completes the exercise after returning to the starting position.

Max Sit ups 2 min.
Trainee lies on his back interlacing the fingers of both hands behind the head. The knees are placed at 45 degree angle with the feet and held in place or placed flat on the floor. Trainee raises upper body and touches the left elbow to the right knee and returns to the starting position.

120 Yard Shuttle Run
The course is 30 yards long with one traffic cone (marker) at each end. Ten yards from each end cone, there are two cones set on the left and two cones set on the right sides of the center line, three feet apart, with the inside cones placed three feet on each side of the center line. Trainee begins by lying flat on his back with head touching the base of the starting cone. On command, trainee regains feet by turning to the right and proceeds through the first set of double cones, and on to the second set; on reaching the end cone, trainee turns or rounds the end cone to the left and returns through the two sets of double cones, and rounds starting cone turning left and repeats the course. Total yardage run is 120 yds.

Two Mile Run
The distance is covered over rolling terrain. The running surface is black top asphalt road. A scoring system is based on profile of maximum achievement in all events. Failure to meet the physical requirements may result in termination.

As competitive as it is to enter the DEA, it is highly recommended to achieve maximum scores on the above test. A sample above average highly competitive score would be the following:

Pullups - 15+
Pushups - 80+
Situps - 80+
120 Yard Shuttle Run - 20 seconds
2 mile run - 12-13:00

To achieve the above scores may take at least 6-12 weeks even if you are fairly active and workout regularly.

Here are some sample workouts to help boost your scores:

Your calisthenics workouts should consist of the above exercises performed every other day for a total of 3-4 times per week. The day of PT rest will help your muscles recover and be able to gain more reps in two minutes. Also practice perfect form but do each of the exercises as fast as you can. Speed and endurance is your goal.

With any download you buy you get over 40 hours of training personally designed for future students of the group AND access to Stew Smith (the author) for any answers to your training questions!!

If you would like to buy the 6 week DEA Workout that has worked for several clients of the PT Club please Download the E book NOW with this link - The DEA Workout


The tasks are performed in the following order: pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, shuttle run, 2 mile run, one after the other, with MINIMAL REST between events.

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