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Running Plan

stew smith

This week must be getting close to command physical fitness testing day, for it seems that most of my emails this week were running related. I developed a Six Week Running Program you can download for free to help you with achieving your running goal whether it is to run a faster 5-10km run or ace a PFT run in the military or in law enforcement.

It never fails – unless you are a cross-country runner or track star in high school or college – you will probably have a problem with running a timed run at an above average pace. The reasons for this can range from being a little heavier and stronger in the upper body to never having run timed runs. And if you were a football player or basketball you may consider long distance running anything in the 1 mile range.

The truth is anyone can be a faster runner – it takes time, hard speed work, flexibility, and in some cases weight loss will help more than anything. I developed a six week running program you can download for free at This eBook running program supplement is designed to assist with increasing speed, endurance, and flexibility. The program is also designed to be added as a supplement to your current workout program which can either replace the running in your program all together or you add this program to your present workout regimen increasing the mileage per week to a higher level. Naturally, that choice is yours and I would recommend adding this program to your present program ONLY if you have been running at least 15-20 miles a week.

This workout is created to help people go from a 9:00 mile pace to a 6-7 minute mile pace so you can score better on the 2 mile timed run of the Army, the 3 mile timed run of the Marine Corps, or the 1.5 mile timed run of the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and nearly one-half of the States Law Enforcement Academies.

When running daily or several times a week – you must follow all stretches thoroughly and do each of them for at least 15 seconds each. This should take only 5:00-10:00 but it is very important not to miss stretching before and after running workout.

Good luck with the free program and remember to consult your physician first before starting any program if you have not exercised in several months or years. Good luck with the plan and if you need help with any fitness related questions please feel free to email me at

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