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Getting Started Again with Fitness

stew smith

Mr Smith,

I am 46 year old. In my 20's and 30's I worked out at the gym faithfully. But, somewhere along the way I stopped going to the gym. Now I am not overweight. But, not comfortable with the weight that I have gained. The metabolism has slowed down. So my question to you is at this stage of the game what really will work?

Oh yes -- the transition from having not exercised in 10+ years to getting started. Where do you begin? First of all -- do not start off where you left off 10-20 years ago. Common sense should tell you NOT to do that.

I would focus on three things -- the first two require little effort but will help you gain energy to exercise, help you recover from exercise, and help you lose weight. The third is JUST to get moving again.

1) Water consumption of 2-3 liters a day -- Depending on your weight, I would increase water up to a gallon, even if you are over 200 pounds. I drink at least a gallon of water a day, but I exercise a few hours a day too.

2) Food intake – For a system to help increase your metabolism, see the Summer Lean Down Plan. Email me at and I will send you an updated version with over 30 more food options to help you eat to lose weight…not diet.

3) Stretch daily for one week -- Then start moving for 1 month -- add something simple to your routine like walking. Try mixing in jogging (not too far) and continue daily stretching. This will help you get the body in habit of fitness. After a month of light to moderate movements and stretching, you'll be ready to go! Too often people jump right into lifting heavy weights or running three miles a day, and next things you know they are injured or are so sore they cannot function. You can avoid all soreness IF you stretch daily, and slowly build a foundation of fitness over the course of one month's time.

The 45 Day Beginner's plan does just that. Just today I had a gentleman email to say that he is about to go onto the 45 Day Intermediate plan and has lost over 20 lbs. He also increased his pushups from 5 to 35 in under 40 days. For the month of Feb-March 2006, buy any 45 Day plan and get the next level for free. I will email it to you with your order receipt. See the Fitness eBook Store for more information.

Most of this weight loss is water retention the body was storing due to actually NOT drinking enough water. Once you give your body 2-3 liters of water a day, your body will release retained water. I have seen bloated clients lose up to 20 lbs in 1 week by just adding water. If you have heard rumors about getting ill or dying from drinking too much water -- see the article I wrote about it last year. It does occur BUT only in extreme heat and extremely prolonged exercise/work where you sweat your electrolytes out and replace them with just water. See Can I Die from Drinking Too Much Water?

Next week's article will feature the Full body Stretching Plan to assist you with starting your new habit of fitness again. Good luck and feel free contact me at should you have any questions about fitness or military preparation for physical fitness testing.

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